Cool Story: The one reason Mister Mo has been unsuccessful with women

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Story starts:

Women have a problem. We thrive on attention but we pretend to not want the attention.

I’m at the bus stop and this guy starts talking to me. So we’re parting ways and he’s like “Can I have your number?”

Me: No.
Guy: Okay *leaves*

It was good that he wasn’t pursuing and disturbing me. I was relieved even. No wahala. But a part of me was like, “Why didn’t he insist?” Bla bla bla. Funny part is, I wasn’t even going to give him no matter how much he insisted.

But I was still upset that he didn’t insist. Women.

Story ends.

The above is a true life story that I picked up from an unknown handle on Twitter actually. So, it isn’t my story exactly, but cool story still 🙂 The man in the story must have been my twin, however, because that is my response exactly when a woman says “No”. I just move on. Life is too short to be wondering whether a woman really means no or would love for me to persist. Now, you know the one reason why Mister Mo has been unsuccessful with women. Yes: women!

*Rides off into the dawn on a white stallion*

PS: Thanks to @Gboukzi whose retweets brought this story to my attention.


  1. Perhaps all the females you have been meeting are ladies.?


    When a lady says no, she means maybe.
    When she says maybe, she means yes.
    And if she says yes, she is no lady..

    Only women say yes. It’s unlady_like.
    Ladies don’t sat yes. They just show it.

    *** SINGING. ****

    If you love me , say it.
    If you trust me , do it.
    If you want me , show it.
    If you need me ,prove it

    PROVE your your inTENT iby being consisTENT, persiTENT and insisTENT

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