Can CopperheadOS succeed where similar efforts failed?

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CopperheadOS is a new mobile operating system that wants to solve Android’s horrible security issues. It is a hardened open-source operating system based on Android OS itself. By “hardened”, we mean that the OS has been made tougher to crack. Or in more mainstream lingo, it has been made more secure.


No Google Play

CopperheadOS does not have Google Play pre-installed, but ships with F-Droid installed by default. F-Droid is an open-source alternative to the Google Play.

Supported Devices

CopperheadOS currently supports the Nexus 5, Nexus 9, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. The platform supports only devices in the Nexus and Pixel lines. The development team says that there are no plans to support any more current generation devices.

What Are CopperheadOS’ Prospects?

We have seen a number of Android-based operating systems in the last few years all claiming to plug one hole or deficiency that Android OS has. Not one of them has gained traction till date. For all of Android’s gaping security holes, not one manufacturer who has offered a “secure” alternative to Android has gained ground.

I wish I could say that let’s wait to see what Copperhead has to offer. I wish I could show some enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I am very cynical of these Android forks. It is my belief that the OS that will eventually unseat Android when the time comes will be something totally new and not based on Android. For now, let’s enjoy the Android party. I wish the CopperheadOS the best and look forward to seeing how this project goes when rubber meets the road.


  1. The noise about Android and security holes is simply amusing. Of course Android being open source is why everybody wants to give A FORK!

    Nougat now offers Secure Boot. Google is not a Nokia Symbian kind of company that sits on its hands and watch things go by. It is why they are currently the most valuable company in the whole wide world They respond, they keep improving. They are technology innovators. They reward innovation and creativeness, unlike the Apple Taskmaster.

    No, this Copperhead people need to look for some more useful projects to bury their noses into. Like complementing, rather than competing with Android.

    It would be interesting to see the reasons that would precipitate a fall from the Olympian effulgent Heights Google currently occupies with Android.

  2. For the first time in a long time I agree with you, Android can not be replaced just like Windows pc cannot be replaced, others will try but can’t win. People just love the openness of Android just like the ease of customization of Windows pc…

  3. Apple is the most valuable company AFAIK. well some Copperhead features have been incorporated into Android, so they’re already complementing Android

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