Copy stuff from anywhere with Microsoft’s Clip Layer App

Have you ever tried to copy a write up on your Android phone, and it just wouldn’t go through? On some apps, screens or websites, it’s just impossible to copy snippets of text. With Clip Layer app, say no more. This app launches on any screen, and allows you to copy anything displayed on the screen.

Copy stuff from anywhere with Microsoft's Clip Layer App 1

Right after installation, you have to select Clip Layer as your default Assist App. This replaces Google Now and allows it draw over other apps. You can now proceed to copy any text from anywhere on your phone. After selecting any chunk of text, options appear below to email it, or share it to any other app installed on your phone.

Clip Layer

This app changes the way we copy text on our phones. It was designed by Microsoft as an experimental project. Unfortunately for some, it works only only on devices with Android Marshmallow. Download Clip Layer HERE.

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  • January 16, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Tried this some time back, but felt Universal Copy was better…

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