Copying files from Nokia N8 to Nokia N900 with USB-on-the-go

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What do you do when you have over 3.5GB of video files on a device and need to copy them to another? Try Bluetooth – that takes forever. Use a memory card to copy from one device to the other? Not bad. How about if you have USB-on-the-go on one of the devices? Perfect.

That is exactly what I did when I needed to copy my videos from the USB-on-the-go enabled N8 to the N900. The N900 too is capable of USB-on-the-go but the app to enable it is not quite finnished yet.

Here are a few pictures, and then the video for download.

n8 n900

n8 n900b

The video was recorded at night using a Blackberry 9650 device.

Download the Video: N8 to N900 with USB-on-the-go 4.8MB MP4

For those who prefer YouTube, here you go:

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