The COTODAMA Lyric Speaker shows you song lyrics as they play

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Have you ever listened to a song and wondered what it would feel like to read the lyrics of the song as it plays? Well, that’s what Shazam, Musixmatch and various other apps are for. However, there’s a company that insists on making sure you don’t even need these apps. Japanese company COTODAMA recently released its visual lyric speaker in the US. The device has translucent screens, which display a song’s lyrics as it plays.

The COTODAMA lyric speaker features slick, minimal-looking housing, made translucent TFT LCD panels sandwiched between acrylic. With two speakers in front with a volume knob and a circular disc on the back what holds the computer generating the lyrics, the lyric speaker looks really nice. The device is made by hand in Japan, and there are only 15 of it produced each month.COTODAMA Lyric Speaker

When the lyric speaker plays music, the back panel turns milky-white, and the front displays animated lyrics. The speaker s linked with Japan’s largest lyrics database, PetitLyrics. When it recognizes a song, the speaker analyses the mood and chooses the appropriate font and animation. If there are no lyrics available for the song, an abstract graphic is displayed, which animates in sync with the music.

The COTODAMA lyric speaker has a connected app, which has only support for Wi-Fi. However, since this device does not quite look like something you would want to carry around, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. if you use Android, only the Lyric Speaker app and Spotify are compatible with the device. However, the iOS version supports Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, SoundCloud, YouTube and various other services.

The speaker can play 96khz/24bit FLAC files. It also has a range of 40Hz to 40kHz, and has two coaxial loudspeakers and two drone cones. Right now, the COTODAMA lyric speaker is available on for just $4,500.



  1. All music lovers like me would definitely fall for this, this is exactly how I want my music.

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