Could this be Android OS running on the BlackBerry Passport?

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We’ve heard it time and time again: BlackBerry may slap Android in an upcoming device. Sneak peeks have appeared all over the internet, though this looks like the most convincing. The video below shows the recently launched BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running Android.

The user was able to swipe around icons in the home screen, you’ll also see the app switching screen. The graphics also indicate that it’s on Android Lollipop. Will there be another version of the BlackBerry Passport running Android? or is this just a spoof? I’m also skeptical of the quality of the video.

You can check it out and tell us what you think. The clip is just 25 seconds so don’t fear for burning your data 🙂


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  1. Im really gonna be let down if BlackBerry adopts android.

    That may just be the last straw for me. I can manage outdated designs, but adopting android…. I. Dont think that will work well.

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