Crash Club, for those who love to smash things

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Do you sometimes feel the need to smash things? Or at least, crash a video game car into a barrier? Here’s a game that does exactly that. Crash Club is a mobile game whose sole objective is for you to crash your car. No rules, no races, no barriers. Just drive wherever you want, break down everything standing in your way and collect points.

Crash Club was created by Prettygreat Studios in 2017. The game is a simple car-based multiplayer action game where you get to drive a car around the city. Gain points by taking down other players’ cars in real time and try to be the top. You get to choose from over 25 unique car types and countless models. You can also sell old vehicles for cash to buy new ones and upgrade your current cars.Crash Club

The game has the feel of a harmless, fun game for bashing other people’s cars. However, you should definitely not try this in real life. Crash Club is available on the Google Play Store for free.

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