Crazy Samsung unveils 16 TB hard disk drive

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The rate at which Samsung innovates is amazing. We always get to hear them spring up with crazy new technology. At recently concluded Flash Memory Summit in California earlier this month, Samsung unveiled a 16 TB hard disk drive. It turns out to be the largest ever made.
Samsung PM1633a
Reports from Ars Technica reveals that it’s not actually a hard disk drive per se. Rather, due to it’s internal composition, it’s termed an SSD (Solid State Drive). Reason for this, a conventional Hard disk drive contains spinning magnetic platters while this new one is a combination of NAND flash chips.

The 16 TB SSD will definitely be expensive and it’s targeted at enterprise customers for use in servers.



  1. 16 terabyte=16,000gb=16,000,000mb

    thats a lot of space… i see someone putting this in a custom rig.

  2. I am always annoyed when I see the deluge of innovation from Samsung Galaxy, hear about their financial worries, and some lazy-ass capitalist company makes all the money without sweat (did I say, apple?)

    Kudos to my favorite company.. Samsung..

  3. By the way, Samsung just might be the real life version of SKYNET we dread in the Terminator series.

    These guys are everywhere!

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