How to create hard drive space on Windows

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Hard disk drives are becoming bigger every day, yet they never seem to be big enough for our needs. Therefore, periodically you might want to free up space on your hard drive. Here are some tricks you can use to create hard drive space on Windows:


Windows has a built-in tool that helps you delete unimportant files and data. To reach it, right-click on your computer’s hard drive, then select Properties. On the Properties window, click on Disk Cleanup. Select the type of files you want to delete and then select OK. You can also clean up system files, which would not appear in the list. Click on Clean Up System Files if you want to do that. After this, you can click on More Options, then click on Clean Up under System Restore and Shadow Copies to delete system restore data. Make sure your computer is working properly before you do this, as you will be deleting all but your most recent system restore points.


This will free up a lot of space. However, note that not all programs take up much space. Go to the Programs and Features control panel, then click on Size to see which apps take up the most space. If you can’t find this column, click on the options button at the top right corner of the list and select the Details view. This is not always accurate, however. Some programs don’t report the amount of space they occupy. If you use Windows 10, you can go to PC Settings > System > Apps & Features. There you can remove either Windows Store Apps or other apps to create hard drive space.

ANALYSE DISK SPACECreate hard drive space

To know exactly what is taking up space on your hard drive, you can use a hard disk analysis program. This will scan your hard drive and display which files and folders take up the most space. One such program is WinDirStat. After a comprehensive scan of your hard disk, WinDirStat shows you exactly which folders and file types are taking up the most space. Now make sure you don’t delete any important system files. WinDirStat tells you exactly how much space each program occupies, even if Programs and Features does not.


Windows Disk Cleanup is quite useful. However, it cannot delete temporary files used by other programs. For example, it won’t clear Chrome browser caches, which could occupy loads of space. To properly create hard drive space, download a junk file cleaner, like CCleaner. This would clean up files that Disk Cleanup won’t touch.


You can scan your hard disk for duplicate files, which just sit there without being actually useful. For this, you will need tools like Duplicate Cleaner pro, which has a nice interface and lots of features to help you find and delete duplicate files.


  1. I prefer to use: Directory Report
    It is faster than WinDirStat, and
    It can produce more reports than WinDirStat, and
    It can find duplicate files

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