Here’s how to create WhatsApp GIFs on your smartphone

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One fun new feature of WhatsApp Messenger is the ability to send Graphical Image Format files, or GIFs. These GIFs can be up to 6 seconds long, and you can take them from anywhere. Furthermore, you don’t even need to convert your videos into GIFs outside. You can create WhatsApp GIFs within the app.

make gif in WhatsApp messages

Here’s how to create WhatsApp GIFs:

  1. Shoot a video you would like to make into a GIF.
  2. Open a conversation in WhatsApp.
  3. Tap the Attachment icon.
  4. Select Gallery, then select the video you want to convert.
  5. A video editor will appear. Tap on the camcorder icon at the top right of the screen. It will change to “GIF”.
  6. Edit your video. Note that it must be under 6 seconds long.
  7. When you are done, tap the green arrow to send your GIF.

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