Creatives Unappreciated!

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Where movie actors are paid an average of N10,000 to N50,000 per shoot.

Where writers receive requests to produce articles for free.

Where web developers are expected to churn out high-powered websites for N80,000.

Where public speakers are invited to address events for free.

Where copy writers are offered N30,000 to craft proposals for multinationals.

Usually, with the variety of insulting offers/requests also come the lame incentive that goes something like this: “Do this for us. There is still lots of business that we will do together”. The experienced ones know that the “lots of business” never, ever happen. Swallow the bait at your own risk.

There is a lot to be said about the subject. However, I shall refuse the temptation to go the whole hog. One thing is sure: anyone who expects others to act in his own best interests is deluded. No-one will bring salvation to creatives besides creatives themselves. Only the exceptional will stand out.

Interpretation: Develop and polish your skills, then politely but stubbornly refuse to be paid anything lower than is fair to your output. You will lose some jobs and seeming “opportunities” at first, but soon, those who appreciate real value will come knocking on your door with their cheque books and pens ready.

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  1. I totally understand you. Sometimes I get requests like “khene write this proposal for me” or “write this company’s profile for me” or can you guest write for me. People assume creative writing is picking up a pen and scribbling furiously and voila. They expect amazing work but don’t feel the need to pay the work’s worth after all “he wrote it in less than 1hour”

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