All this morning, Twitter has been flooded with outpouring of rage and bile against Nigeria’s largest GSM network, MTN. I tweeted the following request: Lots

Customer outrage against MTN Nigeria for service outage

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Outrage against MTN Nigeria

All this morning, Twitter has been flooded with outpouring of rage and bile against Nigeria’s largest GSM network, MTN.

I tweeted the following request:

Lots of complaints about MTN. What’s going on exactly? I don’t have an active MTN SIM at the moment. Feedback please?

Here are some responses I got:

Bros, Thank God you don’t have one. Its bad news


Pardon my french. MTN network is BS. I’ve finally removed the sim from my BB to a smaller phone. Mi o raye iranu rara.

The complaints include the disappearance of BlackBerry Internnet Service and generic mobile internet service. Some of the outraged subscribers say that they have experienced service breakdown for over a day.

Certain subscribers say they have now pulled their MTN SIMs or degraded them for occasional use.

Are you on the MTN network? Were you affected by service failure over the weekend? Tell us about it. Have your say!

  1. Yes i have an MTN sim card, its on my small phone and its been over 3month since i recharged. i am going to remove it totally when i retrieve my lost AIRTEL…They (MTN) are gold diggers!!

  2. I have never been this angry. MTN network has been terrible for months and this is the final straw. I was waiting for mobile number portability to change to another network, but I can’t wait anymore. I will still retain the Sim because I’ve had it for years, but soon and very soon, I’ll throw it away.

  3. ///
    They (MTN) are gold diggers!!

    They surely have found it. busy mining it -the gold.

    I have an MTN SIM. permanently housed in a Three Crowns Match Box

  4. Fortunately or maybe unfortunately, I rarely use MTN these days except for for calls to my MTN Friends & Family group and occasional SMS. I use MTN only for receiving calls. I possibly missed some calls.

  5. Nigerians don’t learn from the past. Last outage we heard all sorts from the consumers, its the same story now. I beg park well joor!!
    I have thrown away my Mtn line two times now, today is one of those days i don’t regret that decision

  6. Yes, service was bad yesterday and of course today but didn’t know it was general until this morning. We can all get angry and REACT, but the truth is that, are the alternatives really better? I’ve been trying to browse on another MNO SIM inserted in a Galaxy Tab since morning but it’s a “no show”. BIS service being down is one thing, general data service not working is unpardonable!

  7. Ok, so this weekend a relative came back from the US, went to MTN office to pick a SIM, now the madness starts. After explaining what she wanted to do at the door, 45 minute wait, then she was told “o! we don’t sell sims on weekends. Please come on Monday then when you pay and register, come back again in 3 hours to have it activated.”

    We went to another provider in Silverbird in Abuja, in 12 minutes we were calling and browsing on our phone…

  8. @PlirisMobile quite on point. why keep on whining and complaining. if a product is not satisfying you ditch the dam sim card and pick the one that will serve you simple. I barely noticed it.

  9. Airtel over the weekend was on snail-pace, though did not crash altogether. However, I got a pm on bbm that Amazon server was hit by Storm, and that the sluggishness was actually as a result, causing some top internet brands running on those servers to experience outage including BlackBerry. How true is that?

  10. What’s all this noise about MTN outage? There is absolutely nothing of sort. I use MTN as my main line because people already know me with it not because they have stellar services. However, for the very first time in many months, I am able to access my website on my blackberry today.

    For me, the network is good today compared with the past two months. Call connections good, data good, BIS good. Others’ loss, my gain. 😀

  11. MTN has been a disgrace from my own point of view. I think Glo is trying to do the same thing now. Imagine your glo disabling internet network on my phone for almost half a day altogether and it happens about 3 times a week.
    No mobile network in Nigeria seem to impress me as par internet browsing again.

  12. Search for @MTNNG on twitter and you will discover that MTN is the most abused corporate brand on Nigerian twitterati. MTN gives me HSPA+ at my location and it’s extremely fast so I use it for my mifi. When I noticed connection issues yesterday night, I simply popped in my etisalat sim. I didn’t realize the scale of the outage until today. Bottom line when using MTN, always have a plan B.

  13. Yea, my internet went awzp (away without zsch’s permission) all through yesterday. Today I was kindly reminded by mtn that my BIS has expired. Gently removed the sim n placed it in my 2310 n put an Airtel sim in my bb.
    Adios mtn.
    Till further notice

  14. Na today!

    I gave up use empty-hen a long time ago. I don’t even know where my MTN sim is anymore.

    Faithful mtn subscribers out there, praizjosh says: “Just stick to MTN, you’ll be rewarded for your fidelity someday.”

  15. I do most of my browsing on my bb(etisalat) but keep an active data plan on my android(mtn) for when I want to tether to my laptop, use instagram or something like that. For the past several days, when I put on mobile data on d android, It doesn’t respond. I chucked it up to the fact that I am presently in a “bush” somewhere in kwara state even though I usually get a fairly stable EDGE connection. I guess it was a much larger situation than I thought. MTN has lost most of my business anyway. I only keep d line cos that’s what most people use to call me.

  16. I too noticed it yesterday. Sent a text message it hung for over 3hours and yes they deducted my money. Today i tried sending a text to an international number but it failed, tried about three times yet message not sent, when i checked my credit it has been deducted. I hardly use mtn except for family and friends and the major problem is most people i know have mtn has their primary line. Number portability is our only hope.

  17. Have not used MTN for data services in the last 4 days so I wouldn’t know what’s up with them but I have had several dropped calls in the last few days anyway

  18. Ive been experiencing same network issue on my BB for about five days now. i didn’t noticed it affected the general data service too until I tried to configure my Dad’s Techno for browsing. The good news is that their service has become a bit stable since last night.
    But I’m still going to switch to Etisalat BIS when my MTN subscription expires on Thursday.

    @Emmanuel Olalere: I noticed from your posts you’re in Abeokuta. I’m in Abeokuta too and would like to meet you.

  19. I use them for phone calls only. For three days I can’t boast of a single call without drop calls.

    They are biting more than they can chew. They may be having some constraint to expand their network and build quality. But should I be the one suffering? Customers always suffers. I use them because that’s the line that connects me to my g/f. As soon as she gets on Whatsapp via Airtel, I’d simply say adios to them.

  20. My Emty-N SIM is for receiveing calls only because of their gold-digging attitude. They refuse to change with the space of time, I think its high time they learn a lesson from what’s happening to Nokia right now. I did not notice the last weekend issue probably due to restricting the Emty-N SIM to receiving calls, I might missed some calls anyway.

  21. Less than 48hrs and Airtel has replaced my mtn in the Nokia 2310. Set up BIS on the MTN, would definitely not be making calls with mtn bt when it comes to data, its better than the Airtel. I’m just tired of this trips. Can’t they all be awesome?
    *insert furious face here*

  22. The silence from MTN on this is deafening. Imagine if most of the Nigerians wo had them stopped using their MTN line – that would have a serious affect on their bottom line.

    Guess that fine from the NCC hasn’t made a tiny bit of difference!

  23. MTN is crap, if not for the fact that it has been my primary line over the years, I would have discarded it a long time, it’s appalling…

  24. @Olaryeankarh

    not at all

    On the contrary, I feel its more on ppl with BB cos some of my ff with BB also complained.

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