Smartphones are highly versatile tools, regardless of what platform one chooses. While MobilityNigeria regulars are not reflective of the average smartphone user on the street

Customising your smartphone: how far do you go?

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nokia 5800Smartphones are highly versatile tools, regardless of what platform one chooses. While MobilityNigeria regulars are not reflective of the average smartphone user on the street (by default, regulars here live close to the cutting edge of things), we thought we would still sample you all out with regards how far you go in customising your smartphone

For the purpose of this discussion, here are three broad categories of smartphone users.

Most users simply change the wallpaper, theme, and ringtones, as well as make a few other minor modifications. Many times, they do not install any third party applications. Normobs, we call them.

Cutting Edge
Another set of users actually step further and customise their devices further with third party applications. They trawl the internet and app stores to find the very apps that they need and then install and run. Usually, members of this group are users who also update their phone firmware. Keeping their devices and apps up-to-date, these guys deserve to be called cutting edge.

Bleeding Edge
The next group includes those who go beyond third party apps to mod their devices with custom ROMs and hack into the device’s registry to tweak it at the deepest levels. These sort of people also don’t mind over-clocking processors. Bleeding edge, we call them.

There is nothing wrong with belonging to any of the above groups. There will always be people who have sound reasons for belonging in the various categories.

Here at Mobility Nigeria, our team consists of a combination of all three broad categories. We have people who are normobs, we have those who live on the cutting edge, as well as one lone guy who is perpetually bleeding. We will let our team members speak for themselves in the comments section, if they so wish.

Tell us about yourself. How far do you go in customising your smartphone? Give us details if possible.


  1. I think i belong to the second category i.e the “Cutting edge”,because i often upgrade my phones firmware and install various useful 3rd party applications.I think the ‘Bleeding edge’ category should be for the GEEKS why are not afraid of crashing their device in the process.Well,they know how they do it.But Iam ok being on the CUTTING EDGE slot.

  2. I’d put my self in the second category, i normally take the time out to install my essentials third party softwares like the bible, dictionaries, encyclopedia, profile manager, calendar application, games, and now navigation software like Ovi map and Garmin. I never update the firmware if i don’t have any gripes with the current one, wallpapers and themes are not for me,

  3. I belong in the 2nd categories. I dont give a damn about wallpapers but am a stickler for crazy themes that transforms the look of my phones. What I do most is firmware updates and installing 3rd party apps. Right now I ve some of the best touchscreen apps on my new phone. Need I mention that I just updated the Nokia Maps app to a full fledged free navigation service.

  4. Cutting edge will be me. I constantly crawl the net looking for new apps and firmware upgrades. Using most native phone apps is almost a taboo for me so i search for 3rd party everything.

    I doubt if i can move to bleeding edge. Why? Imagine frying my brand new mobile just cos i wanna peep under the hood. No thanks, i’ii pass.

    However, ”bleeding edgers” are vital to the development of new software and exposing flaws in existing ones. In reality they are hackers; vital to the software industry. Its important not to confuse hackers with crackers – those who do the bad stuff.

  5. i am on d cutting egde i wud think. but wud luv 2 go further dan dat. i want 2 b on d bleedin egde/ i nid help on hw 2 update my firmwall n b on an egde.

  6. thank god ike,

    Updating your phone’s firmware is a relatively easy thing to do, if you have a phone that supports firmware updates (check the user manual).

    Usually, it requires a broadband internet connection, a data cable and your phone’s PC Suite. Follow the instructions in the manual. It is best to have your phone battery fully charged. Also ensure that you backup the contents of your phone before proceeding with the update.

  7. Well i fall under the third category cos i get bored wit just using 3rd party apps . I wanna know all and i mean all that my phone can do. Take for instance i use i Iphone and its pretty much a closed platform phone but rite, i have even changed all the system fonts and making the phone do things even apple didnt think was possible.

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