Cyanogen reborn: A mobile OS by the users, for the users

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Exit CyanogenMod. Enter Cyanogen Inc. Cyanogen OS. Cyanogen wants to become the 3rd smartphone platform.

Cyanogen Inc.

Hardcore techies are familiar with mods and ROMs. The Android planet is not short of those. Only techies and geeks go on and on about flashing ROMs. Without question, Cyanogenmod is one of the most popular Android ROMS around, having a user base of around 8 million. Well, it looks like Android geeks can say goodbye to the tedious installation processes for CyanogenMod. Cyanogen wants to be a full-fledged mobile OS and so doing away with the flashing process.

CyanogenMod founder and lead developer, Steve Kondik, has announced that Cyanogen Inc. is now a full fledged company and will be deploying Cyanogen as an installable OS. Speaking about this development, he said:

We think that the time has come for your mobile device to truly be yours again, and we want to bring that idea to everybody.

What we are looking at here is another Android fork. Cyanogen installer will be available on the Play Store in the coming weeks, so Android enthusiasts who want different from what their phone manufacturer ships can download and install without any long stories. This is novel and an interesting development. Are we getting closer to a time when users can download and install the OS of their choice on a smartphone? I think that it is a step in that direction. If the Cyanogen project works, then others are sure to follow in their footsteps. HTC can have their Sense UI available in the Play Store for anyone using any Android phone to download and install. Samsung and others too.


  1. // Are we getting
    closer to a time when users
    can download and install the
    OS of their choice on a

    yes o..

    I think this is the beginning of a really important revolution in mobiles.

    Will Google buy up the CyanogenMod ( less than twenty peopled) Crew?

    … Time will tell..

  2. Yeah, I agree this is a very important development. We have this model already on PCs, do why not on mobiles too. There will be nothing like being able to just install any operating system or platform on your device or something like dual booting too. All these are sounding good and Ubuntu for mobiles will benefit from such regime too.


  3. A mobile phone for calling and texting now you can take pictures, videos, record voice note play console like games,set alarms reminders,watch,calender,emails, All smartphones can do this.

    With android you will spend more time flashing and installing ROM on your phone and different launchers than you will actually spend using the phone,A windows phone will do or an iphone

    I want 8inch windows 8.1 tablet with BAY TRAIL chipset that I can connect to a 20inch monitor to do proper work and and use as a regular tablet and maybe dual boot ubuntu for tablet on it later. And don’t forget the price $400(#60,000) samsung galaxy note 8.0 is #76,000 now that’s the future

  4. i dont c user choice os coming soon. for one thing, the iphone model of one manufacturer, same developer worked perfectly, microsoft is coming into the same model with acquisition of nokia mobile division and with surface. Samsung is looking into that with Tizen, their own OS. Maybe someday, but that day isn’t close. The PC is older and matured, though mobile is growing fast, Google’s dominance with android will need to be watered down by other open OS for this to come to pass.

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