Mercedes Benz ‘s Urbanetic Vision concept car has aficionados of the auto industry trying to wrap their heads…or eyes around it. The auto giant is

Benz’s Urbanetic Vision concept car is futuristic – and ugly

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Mercedes Benz ‘s Urbanetic Vision concept car has aficionados of the auto industry trying to wrap their heads…or eyes around it. The auto giant is even bucking the trend of naming new futuristic vehicles ‘concept cars’ and is calling this one a ‘mobility concept’. And much as we may love to believe, it is doubtful that Nigeria’s top tech blog had anything to do with the vehicle’s name.

Actually named the Vision Urbanetic, its manufacturer believes this vehicle will redefine mobility with its modular design. The fundamental factor that stands this vehicle out is its ability to switch between two chassis; one for passenger commute and another for cargo transport.

Vision Urbanetic

What on Earth Was Merc Thinking?

You have got to hand it to Mercedes Benz though, they put a lot of thought into this one. How? Before delving into the vehicle’s specs, just note that less is more with vehicles today. Consumers want cars that can do far more in order to increase capacity and reduce mobility hassles.

So, Merc envisions a vehicle that can be used for passenger transport in the early morning hours, swap chassis for cargo heavy lifting in the afternoon hours then return to rush hour duty, having donned it passenger transport chassis once again. The point is, the car assumes the body that is necessary at any point in time. It is up to you, its owner to decide.

Daimler Vision Urbanetic

Benz Vision Urbanetic

Daimler Urbanetic Specifications

First off, the car is an electric vehicle. Yippee! This should buy it some followership with the new generation of car owners. On the other hand, this shouldn’t count for much as any fossil-fuel driven futuristic car is bound to be snobbed by the auto industry. Additionally, the vehicle is autonomous, meaning that it is self-driving. Here are a few key specs of the Vision concept car:

  1. Undercarriage type: Powertrain platform
  2. Passenger capacity: 12
  3. Cargo capacity: 353 cubic feet (or 10 regulation-sized palettes)
  4. Emission level: Zero

Daimler Urbanetic

Aesthetics(?) of the Urbanetic Vision concept car

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, right? Well it certainly applies in this case. Opinions about the aesthetic value of this vehicle have varied according to commentary. It has to be admitted Merc’s Urbanetic takes the blue ribbon as far as odd-shaped cars go. Free-flowing with a somewhat pug-faced, snub-nosed appearance, this vehicle may just be competing with your bread toaster for form factor!

Urbanetic Vision concept car
The Urbanetic Vision concept car

Vision Urbanetic

Word on the Street

This depends on what side of the divide commentators falls; beauty or the beast? Here are a few reactions…enjoy!

Last Word

The Urbanetic Vision concept car is optimised for urban transportation. There should be no emission issues and given Daimler’s heavy investment in the vehicle’s enabling technology, there is a lot to look forward to in the coming years.

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