More Data Giveaway!! GLO goes crazy yet again

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GLO has gone crazy yet again. Some few days ago, network was so terrible. I couldn’t make calls. Even if it went through, you won’t hear a thing. Probably they were working on something. As it turned out, the company has increased the data caps for their monthly data plan subscriptions. See screenshot of the Glo Data Giveaway below:

glo-new-rates Data Giveaway

The True Cost Of Glo’s Data Giveaway

We can see that N1,000 now gives you 3.2 GB (formerly 2GB). Also, N2,000 now offers 7.5 GB (formerly 6 GB). These are huge bumps really. But I ask, “To what end?” Will subscribers be able to actually use this data? The last time I subscribed for the 10 GB for N2,500 plan, it was nothing to write home about. Speed was very slow, and stability very poor. I seriously struggled to finish my data allocation.

Ever since GLO crashed the prices of their mobile data offerings, their speeds have been throttled. Here’s a piece of advice: Unless you’re sure GLO network is very good in your location, don’t try this data plan. I’m still yet to be proven otherwise.


  1. Unless you’re sure GLO network is very good in your location, don’t try this data plan.

    Very good advice. I love the move t crash data tariffs, but not at the cost of stability and reliability. That is too much of a price to pay.

  2. The trick is to share your data. You can share with up to 5 glo lines. At least, that way, you are not the only one trying to finish 10GB of data (for ₦2,500) in 30days on a slow network.

  3. MTN’s 6-Months double data promo [new devices, old SIMs welcome] offer seems to be what’s driving this. MTN has a far better network with an on-going 4G/LTE roll-out. If you check the Glo pricing you can see the straight competition, at the lower tier price bands. Why the NCC hasn’t sanctioned Glo for selling services which do not perform as warranted is the real question.

  4. Just to add this: to be fair to Glo there has been some marginal improvement on the data side of the network. Rather than total signal drop-offs, one gets slower speeds… Also. I did get an unsolicited call from Glo’s customer service, asking why I did not subscribe to a data bundle in a prior period [1 month], and Glo asked which network I had switched to… So, there is some sort of monitoring… The NCC needs to do its work…Glo’s data network is so LOLzy…

  5. Glo has been consistently stable in my location and I’m miffed that they didn’t add to the 3k for 12gb plan. ?

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