Data loss – a nightmare. Imagine you are working on your PC, perhaps preparing a presentation for board of directors in your meeting next day

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Data loss – a nightmare. Imagine you are working on your PC, perhaps preparing a presentation for board of directors in your meeting next day and suddenly your PC crashes. You turn your PC back on and there is a bad news for you. All your data and your Operating system is gone. Everything is vanished. You have been deprived off all your analysis, research and reports that you needed to present next day at the meeting.


Where technology has immensely improved our working practices and enhanced our inefficiencies, at the same time, we are more prone to risk of loss of data which is stored electronically. This problem of data loss is not new. It has been prevailing since the time we used to use zip drives and floppy disks.

Data loss – some statistics

Talking about the problem, here are some interesting statistics for your information. In past decade, around 46% of users have suffered data loss – globally. Yes, globally. Of all the lost data, most of data mainly comprised of customers’ information and financial data which is 36% of all the lost data. According to a research, around 72% of businesses suffering from data loss are forced to wind up within 24 months of such drastic events owing to operational difficulties.

Households and individuals users are equally at risk of data loss. It is just that business hold much larger amount of data as compared to individuals and thus more data is lost for business. On average, 50% of hard drives die out within 5 years of their first time use. Also, around 15% of global household users suffer from data loss.

Global trend

Different countries have different risk profile and data loss history. United States has highest ratio of 25.5% data loss with Netherlands running up at 16.8%. Germany follows with 11.4% and then there is Great Britain with 5.6%. Afterwards there are Canada, China, Australia, Spain and Italy with 3.25%, 2%, 2%, 1.9% and 1.8% respectively.

data loss - EaseUs data recovery

Why EaseUs

At EaseUS, we have more than a decade experience of dealing with data recovery and allied services like partition managers, back up and restoring. This time is almost as long as the modernization of computing industry. EaseUS is fully capable of restoring data which is lost due to viruses, power failures, bad sectors, accidental loss and deliberate actions. We ensure you that all your data shall be not only saved from loss but shall also be recovered successfully lest there is any event of data loss. Our powerful software is fully capable of recovering data which is lost due to any reason and this makes us best data recovery software available.

Midst this storm of data loss, every corporate and individual needs data recovery software. For households, free data recovery software is particularly appealing given the costs and benefits. We also invite you to try our free data recovery software as a trial. We guarantee you that you will be so content with the services that you will be our customers.

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