Data Plan: This is why Smile 4G doesn’t like Lagosians

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I remember how Smile launched first in Ibadan and only showed up in Lagos much later. I remember because now, Smile is pushing Lagos to the back burner once again as it releases one value-packed data plan after another.

The 4G LTE provider has released a new set of data plans that are really, really enticing. One is the Unlimited Lite plan that throttles your data from 21 Mbps to 1 Mbps after crossing the 30 GB usage line. 1 Mbps isn’t bad. It is very usable. The plan costs N10,000 monthly, but if you live in Lagos, you cannot subscribe to it.

Smile data plan - traffic lagos

Another new not-so-bad data plan from Smile is the 7GB for N5,000 monthly. Again, it is not available for people based in Lagos. Enter a new vista: location-based data plans. And with Smile, Lagos isn’t very friendly territory. As a Smile 4G subscriber, I feel bad. Horribly so. This feels like betrayal.

Smile’s Game Plan

The funny thing is that as a business person in tech, I totally understand the game plan. Lagos is where all the data-guzzling crazy people are. Okay, not all. Most of them. But clearly, Lagos is known for its horrible traffic not only on the roads but also online. Opening up those plans to Lagos would mean a huge jump in data consumption. That’s a huge hit on their capacity. So, keep Lagosians and their agbero behaviour away. Same reason why Smile initially launched at Ibadan instead of Lagos.

I understand the game plan, but I am still not liking it. Smile has no big smiles for Lagos and I am not smiling back either. It is time for me to see which other 4G network that is Lagos-friendly that I shall pitch my tent with.

The 4G Data Plan Alternatives

InterC (former Intercellular) seems to be following in Smile’s tactical footsteps and avoiding Lagos wahala for now. You Lagosians must be really horrible. Please mend your ways. MTN is still waxing lyrical about how they will launch 4G LTE in a few months like we are supposed to be excited about that. The yellow boys need to take a seat, please.

Sadly, with Smile not smiling at Lagosians, InterC following suit, and MTN still in the kitchen, it does not look like I have any choice for 4G data other than Ntel at the moment.


  1. But clearly, Lagos is known for its horrible traffic not only on the roads but also online.

    Hehehe. That one had me rolling on the floor.

    So, how are they able to track whether you are in Lagos? If I go to Ibadan, subscribe,then come back to Lagos, the plan would stop working or what?

    Just interested in the technical implementation.

    Perhaps with way you could use OperaVPN to fake where you are located, somebody would develop a local app to pretend you are in Ibadan while your bum is actually parked in Oshodi, Lagos?

  2. You can actually enable mock location on Android developer options and then install Fake GPS from the Play Store. Works all the time, especially when I want to request an Uber cab for someone in a different location.

    Not sure that’s gonna work for Smile though. They’re probably only going to let you subscribe to these plans based on the state you gave them while registering your SIM card.

    Anyway, the SIM card I bought from them is resting somewhere in a small box where I keep useless SIM cards.

  3. is smile4g even in edo state? Coz have been in delta all this while we dont even hear of that stuff there, nd i always seen my friends talking abt it a facebook? Admins please help… Heared they are very fast..

  4. Every good thing doesn’t have to begin and end in Lagos biko. Afterall we don’t have ntel here and Spectranet didn’t show face until much later too. Please pay the money jor… ?

  5. Lalala. ??. Even with the so called unlimited lite, I’ll still not buy. Sticking to my Spectranet for now.

  6. Smile is in Kaduna. I’m surprised u said they beefed Lagos. Lagos is like touchdown before any other place. I’m waiting for specrtranet sha. I’m not comfy with smile’s plans it doesn’t make me smile at all in this economy.

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