Day 2 with the iPhone 4S and iOS5

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Today I woke up at 6 am. Siri woke me up actually because I was playing around yesterday and said ‘wake me up at 6 am everyday’.

IMG 0094

First thing I did tonight was disable all my morning alarms!

IMG 0098

I also decided to try out the Etisalat Easyblaze network on my iPhone 4S today. That turned out to be a great idea. The 3.75G network made Siri reply to my comments almost instantaneously. I also noticed that Siri even connects on EDGE networks.

I figured out a few new features on iOS5 on iPhone 4S that I forgot to mention yesterday, probably due to the excitement. I tried to make all the screenshots smaller so that the page loads faster. I hope that helps.

Here you go:

IMG 0083

This is Apple’s reply to BBM. It allows you to send messages to anyone with an idevice running iOS5 or later using whatever internet connection is available. It also sends pictures, videos, but not music of course (Apple would rather sell their music – bummer). All in all, it’s pretty sweet.


  • It’s super fast.
  • Shows typing, delivered, read. Even allows you to customize whether or not you want the other person to know when you’ve read a message or not.


  • You need an Apple ID before you can activate it. I feel it would have been nicer if Apple allowed usernames and not those boring Apple ids. The only compensation is that iMessage automatically detects if your contact has iMessage and sends the iMessage to such contact instead of SMS. The iMessage bubble is blue while the SMS bubble is green.

Apple has finally decided to put in Emoji icons in iOS5! I don’t know what they were waiting for! Anyway it works pretty decent. Just go to settings, then keyboard, then add new keyboard, then emoji and you’re off.

iTunes Trailers

IMG 0085

Apple recently launched the app, iTunes trailers. It’s nice to have all your movie trailers in one place. Saves you money when you’re thinking of watching a boring movie.


IMG 0096

iOS 5 also comes with iCloud. This lets you sync almost everything to the Apple servers. Everyone is entitled to 5GB free space on the servers and you can synchronise from contacts to documents online. Not a bad idea but I don’t think I’ll be using much of that with the costly data plans in Nigeria.

The Speed

Did I mention, it is super fast! Browsing is way faster than on my laptop even on the same network even when it loads the full site. I know that’s not an objective way of assessing but you get the picture. Sometimes, I get ‘wowed’.

The Battery

Today the battery didn’t last so long. Maybe around 14 hours but that’s because I keep caressing the helpless device.


I still love Siri. You activate either by holding down the home button for 2 seconds or by pressing the handsfree button when using the headset. I noticed that there are some words that sound alike that Siri misunderstands in my accent. I tried to tell her to ‘cancel all my alarms’… she heard ‘counsul all my alarms’. I changed that to ‘remove all my alarms’ and was fine. I seem to think that the server keeps improving as sometimes it understands some certain things, and other times it doesn’t. I’ll add screenshots too for good measure.

IMG 0087IMG 0089IMG 0090IMG 0092What do you guys want to ask Siri? Tell me and I’ll upload her sometimes amusing responses.


  1. with Siri, one doesn’t need human companionship anymore, u can actually have a conversation with your phone.

  2. @Gbenga: I got the white 32gb version and had someone bring it for me. It cost me 160k. The 16gb version I reckon could be done for 140k. I can help

  3. Ask if his a boy or girl? Ask who is his best friend. Some basic human relation stuffs sha

  4. Yes, Siri is great!

    I would’ve passed on the iPhone 4s and perhaps waited to upgrade my iPad 2 to iPad 3 next year. I keep asking myself that with an iPad, do I still need an iPhone? Because, Siri (I’m sure) would be available for the iPad 3 next year! But I don’t have any definite answer! Isn’t using an iPhone and an iPad redundant? I wanted to mix my Tech devices between iOS 5 and Android ICS or Meego!

    However, I feel compelled by SIRI. Me and SIRI appear to be a love-affair consummated in Heaven (Where Steve Jobs is now). I know my wife would understand. I MUST HAVE SIRI. IMUST HAVE SIRI. I MUST HAVE SIRI!

  5. One thing Ayo, are you sure you didn’t install Emoji yourself ? And when you synced your iPhone it got installed? Except Apple bought Emoji developers, I fail to see how they would name their Emoticons Emoji! I also use Emoji.

    By the way, that was a nice chat with you on IM (iMessenger)!

  6. I can see the kind of question you’ve asked so far and the those people are requesting. It is obvious Siri is more like a play thing than anything really serious. We’ve always had toys and games, so the question is: is this expensive toy worthy of the price tag with the accompanying entertainment fee – extra data cost?

    Not my thing!

  7. @Afewgoodmen: nice one indeed!

    @Harry: perhaps I haven’t been too objective in my assessment of Siri. Look out of my post this evening. Siri does handle tasks fairly well

  8. I have seen Siri answered very though questions and solve complex maths.

    If in doubt, Ayo has opened the door, Just Ask.

  9. can siri call a contact? If yes
    Wit nokia voice command, am thinkin wit time nokia shall come up wit similar.

  10. Harry Echemco: October 26th, 2011 at 10:01 am Browsing with Opera Mini 6.5.26571 on Android I

    can see the kind of question you’ve asked so far and the those people are requesting. It is obvious Siri is more like a play thing than anything really serious. We’ve always had toys and games, so the question is: is this expensive toy worthy of the price tag with the accompanying entertainment fee – extra data cost? Not my thing!

    GBAM. Nail on the head. Especially the part about data usage. Why do people complain about data usage on android when they have all thier apps connected to the internet, but when wen it involves chatting with a robot on iphone no one complains? Thoes who want to use smartphones show learn to install only useful apps that dont require internet access. Android 4 life.

  11. @Ayo, *LOL* Siri is great. As an Android fanboy, I’ll love to see similar technology on an android device soon. Just as you said in your first iPhone 4S post, this is the future, and we must welcome it. We’ve been talking to computers (via keypads/voice2text), it’s time for computers to talk to us (in a language we understand). Welcome, Siri!

  12. @Mark & Harry

    Did I miss something,

    See quote from Ayo previous Post

    “You’re probably thinking about data costs now. I also did that too. Yesterday, I spoke with Siri for 1 hour on the Glo 3G network asking and making fun. By the end of the hour, it had consumed 3MB of my mobile data. I could easily get used to that!”

    Based on Ayo usage, speaking with your phone for 24hrs will use approx 72MB, Come on guys; that’s nothing to worry about compared to you not knowing how 500MB disappeared on your Android device.

  13. @bosun: thanks for the comment jare. My next post explains it even better. Between yesterday and today, Siri has consumed only 7mb of data! Unbelievable! I even checked with other people who were keeping tabs on siri’s data usage and they report the same or even better data consumption patterns. Can’t wait for today’s post to be published

  14. @bosun99 uk:

    Based on Ayo usage , speaking with your phone for 24hrs will use approx 72MB ,Come on guys; that ’s nothing to worry about compared to you not knowing how 500 MB disappeared on your Android device.

    You may need to explain what you were doing with your phone when that happened. I’ve been using Android device for some time now and I was using Etisalat’s 100MB data plan before switching to glo 200MB plan and the worst scenario has been to purchase the plan twice in 30 days and that’s not because of Android huge data consumption but rather because of my experimentation with new apps.

  15. Ii have often wondered about complaints about Android data gluttony..

    With ICS (or possibly an app), i imagine it should be easily possible to track data consumption on a per_application basis.

    It would then be easy to identify/eliminate the culprit
    I Use Spb Wireless Monitor n my Symbian platform

    It will be great for ALL OS platforms to natively havesuch data consumption monitoring facility

  16. @bosun99uk. Thats what i find appalling, how can people complain that 500mb disappeared when they download lots of internet enabled apps? I believe people should only download what they need prefearably offline apps. Harry has mentioned how he copes with his data usage despite not using ICS. Android to me is meant for technology wizkids like Harry and me 🙂 Galaxy Sii here i come.

  17. @Mark & Harry

    I always laugh when I see a person with a BB not subscribed to BIS, its like under utilizing the device.

    Though not as critical as above; but, In the same vain, I have seen many people with Android devices and they have background data off, no widget online, Google Gmail app off and practically uses opera mini to browse.

    And I see a guy with an iPhone and he does not have to compromise.

    Not that I have a problem with the way people use data on their Android devices but I just feel they ain’t using it the way Andy Rubin and his Team dreamed.

    Fortunately as much as I love some stuffs in iOS I cherish the freedom in Android.

    And I also think I need to call back my 500MB stated above; not just because its a mere estimate but because it has diverted the attention from the main thing, Which is

    In my opinion; Speaking to your phone for an hour for 3MB is not too much.

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