If you have a dead iPad, then you need to see this

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The Apple iPad is one of the most popular tablet PCs out there, despite the fact that it is quite expensive. This is due to the excellent user experience it offers, along with other awesome features. However, you might just press the power button on your iPad one day and it would only bring up a blank screen. Sometimes this means that your iPad battery has run out, and you simply need to charge it. However, sometimes a blank screen is a sign that something is seriously wrong. Here are some things to check on a dead iPad before you take it in for repairs:

  1. Is your iPad actually turned off? Sometimes the display just freezes when the display is off, and you can’t turn it back on.in that case, reboot the device. Hold down the power button until the Apple boot up logo appears. You can also do a hard reset when this happens, by holding down the power and Home buttons until the Apple logo shows.
  2. Your dead iPad could be suffering from a completely drained battery. This would not even power the Low Battery icon. In this case, just plug in your iPad and charge it for at least 15 minutes before turning it on.
  3. If everything else fails to work, you might be having a software issue on your hands. Try to restore the iPad using iTunes. Connect the iPad to your computer, then open iTunes and click on Restore. If iTunes dos not immediately detect the iPad when you connect, you might have to put it in DFU mode and try again.

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