Dear Airtel Nigeria, Seriously, Please Stop Spamming me

In what started about 5 months ago and developed into an everyday affair, Airtel Nigeria has practically turned my phone to a destination of varying offers and promotions. This is something that made me so angry that I wrote a blog post about it almost 5 months ago titled Dear Airtel Nigeria: Stop spamming me.

Apparently, that plea fell on deaf ears. The situation has now worsened and I receive about 5 texts on average everyday telling me about this data plan or that amazing offer. This recently became an even greater issue when I was expecting a very important SMS and during that duration I received about 3 annoying SMS from Airtel telling me to call 141. Each time I picked up the phone with anticipation only to discover that it was Airtel, I was enraged.

Last week Friday I received an SMS wishing me a happy weekend ahead. Of course, the text was concluded with the suggestion that I call 141 for “Amazing offers”. What can we do to compel a company like Airtel to put an end to this nonsense? I mean, real action.

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