Dear BlackBerry, Thank you for BBM4All

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As someone whose job requires cycling through all kinds of phones regularly, one of the situations I had to cope with in the past when having a Blackberry smartphone to review was that once it was time to move on, I had to say goodbye to my active contacts on BBM. Dropping a BlackBerry phone for any other device was always a painful transition. Thanks to BBM4All – the availability of BBM on Android and iOS (and soon, Windows Phone) – that painful transition is a thing of the past.

It may not seem like much to some others, but it is a huge matter for me. As long as there is an Android smartphone lying around somewhere, I can migrate to any phone – feature or smart – and not have to worry about losing touch with anyone. I never have to say goodbye on BBM ever again. For BBM4All, here is a big THANK YOU to BlackBerry.


  1. Great BBM is beginning to show some traces of maturity.

    Someone wake me up when it is fully grown.

  2. Not trying to troll, but isn’t this applicable with WhatsApp and the gazillion other messaging apps? I’ve not seen any that is based on and limited to one device

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