Dear @Microsoft, fix email attachments on Windows Phone!

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Windows phone has had the eternal challenge of users not being able to attach files other than pictures in the email app. Office documents can be attached from the Office Hub, but that is not an intuitive approach. PDF files cannot be attached except the user is attaching from OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive). And no other types of files seem attachable at all.

Yes; it isn’t a functionality that one needs everyday, so it is not so terrible. However, when you do need it, it can be the most horrible experience. This morning, I urgently needed to send a PDF file as an email attachment – and I got stuck. The file was on my miroSD card, but not on OneDrive (I use DropBox for all my cloud storage needs). It was an important task and I could find no way to do it. I had one of the most powerful smartphones in the world in my hands and couldn’t send out an urgent official file.

What I am wondering now is why after all these years, Microsoft has been unable to fix this. What does it cost actually to add this functionality? User opens mail app -> types out mail -> attaches ANY kind of file right from in there -> and sends. Simple. Direct. User-friendly. And I am tired of people sending me on a merry-go-round errand on how to do this with a third party app. It just does not make sense that Microsoft has not fixed this. It does not make any sense at all.

I know i have said a lot. Let me simplify it: Windows Phone users want to be able to attach any file type from inside the email app and send right there. There. i put it simple enough.

I love Windows Phone and I love my Lumia, but this current situation with email attachments is unacceptable.


  1. I had one of the most powerful smartphones in the world in my hands and couldn’t send out an urgent official file.

    Pirelli, the tyre people would tell you, ‘power is nothing without control’

    Where is the power, when, doing something as mundane as this, results in frustration.?

    Windowsphone? No, thanks…

  2. @MisterMobility Hopefully they’ll fix it in WP 8.1 (fingers crossed).
    However, as a WindowsPhone user, I wish to add to the complaint:

    – No way to tell the size of the file you want to attach (pic or word) until after you’ve sent it. When you’re relying on our GSM networks for internet, there is a heck of a difference between trying to send a 500kb file and a 5mb file. I’d like to know ahead of time if I have to dedicate 2mins to the endeavour or 2hrs.

    – After you click send, there is absolutely no way to tell if the email is going or not. You can’t tell if the data upload is going fast, slow or has stopped completely. So you’re never sure if you should leave it alone or try and resend.

    I know the above isnt such a big deal when your data moves at 17mbps but when I was on glo and suffering through the “speed” they were giving me, it was a hair pulling experience trying to send an urgent email with an attachment.

  3. Deen,

    You are very correct on both counts. When viewing photos in the Gallery too, there is no way to check the properties, including size and resolution.

    Sigh. My beloved Windows Phone.

  4. In all honesty, attaching files on wp8 is not the most intuitive experience & hopefully, this issue will be addressed with the 8.1 update. However, I would like to correct mister mo’ for saying “And no other types of files seem attachable at all.” This is not true at all. You can copy pdf., ppt. or any other file to the documents folder on your inbuilt/phone memory. You can then open the office hub and attach any file to a mail via the share feature. While this may not be the greatest way of doing it, it is certainly possible without even the use of onedrive.

  5. Denen,

    Your assertion is totally untrue. I have the Lumia 1520 with me here, and I am unable to attach ANY FILE apart from Office documents from the Office Hub. Not even PDF.

    The 1520 runs the latest version of WP. It cannot be done.

  6. Sir, I just tried it now & it seemed to work for me. Hell I am even using the lowest end of the lumia range(520) with the BLACK update & even took a screen shot but couldn’t find a way of attaching it to this comment. All you need to do is copy the pdf file to the documents folder on your phone memory(not ur sd card). Make sure it appears in the office hub & then just tap & hold on the file so as to get the share option. Then click share & you get bluetooth & hotmail (which is my mail client), then it is attached. Pls note that you must not be able 2view the pdf in the office hub but you can share it.

  7. Denen,

    I am certain that you have a 3rd party app – probably a PDF Reader – installed to enable that. And it works for only PDF. Still not open to ANY kind of file.

  8. there’s a lotta basic functionality that’s missing in Windows Phone, and most of these functions were available on Windows Mobile. don’t know why Microsoft decided to drop instead of add functions

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