Déjà vu: BlackBerry Priv and Palm Pre

Posted by Mister Mobility

I saw the BlackBerry Priv and immediately felt a sense of déjà vu. If you have been around for a while in the world of smartphones, you would understand when I say that the BlackBerry Priv and Palm Pre are two of a kind. They are very much alike in more ways than one. If you have been reading MobilityArena.com for a while, you will remember that I owned Pre. I still do and it still works actually. It is odd though that I never published a review after I got my unit in November 2010.

Quick Comparison of BlackBerry Priv and Palm Pre

Here is a brief outline of why the BlackBerry Priv generates a sense of déjà vu that reminds me of the Palm Pre.

  1. The first things you will notice are the similarities in the hardware of both devices. In terms of hardware design, you will see a slider keyboard and touchscreen combination on both the BlackBerry Priv and Palm Pre. But it goes beyond that.
  2. Palm Incorporated used to be a dominant smartphone brand back in the day. Same for BlackBerry Ltd. some years back.
  3. Palm later hit hard times with its Palm OS smartphones and switched to making smartphones running WebOS. BlackBerry also eventually hit hard times with BlackBerry OS and switched to making smartphones running Android OS.
  4. The first WebOS smartphone by Palm was the Pre. The first Android OS smartphone made by BlackBerry is the Priv. These are the same devices that the theme of this article is built on.

Crazy similarities; right? The BlackBerry Priv and Palm Pre are very much two of a kind. In a very uncanny way, we have seen the Priv before. At this point, we can only hope that history will not repeat itself and that the Priv won’t go the way of its Pre-decessor.

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