How to delete data from Android and PC browser history

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Your apps are full of lots of information, and sometimes you do not want them seen or tracked. Here are ways to delete data from your Android devices and from your PC browser history.If you are concerned about privacy, or simply need to free space on your device, you might want to clear your caches once in a while. Therefore, it makes sense for you to be able to manage all your Google apps from one place.

Open up Settings, head to the Apps manager (under More), then swipe to the All section. Locate the entry for Google Play Services, then tap on it. Here you can delete data for all your Google apps. You can do this by simply tapping n the Clear Cache button, but there is an option to go a bit deeper into the process. Tap on the Manage Search Data button, which leads you to other services associated with Google Play Services. Tap on each to manually clear caches individually.

On your Android device, it is just as easy to view your search history. Just open up your Chrome browser, tap on the Menu button, and select History. To delete individual websites, tap on the X to the right of each entry. To delete everything, tap on Clear Browsing Data.delete data


You can clear your browsing history from your PC, similar to the way you do it on Android. Just open up a Chrome page and click on the vertical dots in the top right corner of your screen. Now, click on History and you will see your entire browsing history. Click on Clear Browsing Data to remove all of your browsing history. If you want to remove individual sites from your history, click on the boxes next to the particular sites and then click on Remove Selected Items. Also, you might want to remove all of one type of webpage. Just do a search through your history and remove the pages that have the keywords you search for.


Google Maps is a great app, but if you would rather not record every step you take, you could clear search history and location sometimes. Open the app, click on the Menu icon, and go to Settings. Tap on Maps History, which will give you a list of recent places with an X to them, tap on the X to delete the particular place.

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