How to delete preinstalled apps on Android

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There are certain apps that are not useful to you on your smartphone, but you cannot uninstall. These apps, known as bloatware, tend to consume valuable storage and memory space. You cannot uninstall these apps unless you root your smartphone. However, you can stop them from running. Here are some tips on how to delete preinstalled apps:

Android delete preinstalled Apps

  1. You could disable the bloatware apps. An option to disable apps has been put in place since Android 4.0 was released. Just go to Settings>Apps/application Manager. Usually on this page you will find three tabs, which are Downloaded, Running and All. Here you can know which apps you can uninstall and which ones you cannot. Also, you can uninstall updates for some apps, which takes them back to the factory state. Note that if you uninstall or disable some apps it might cause other apps to malfunction.
  2. Some smartphones come with the ability to delete preinstalled apps right from the app drawer. A god example is the Samsung Galaxy S6. When you open the app drawer and tap Edit at the top right corner, a minus sign appears beside some of the apps. When you tap on the minus sign, the app gets disabled.
  3. Another way of completely eliminating system apps is rooting your device. When you do that, you gain complete control of the smartphone, and you can permanently delete whatever you want. However, when you root your device, your warranty on the device becomes void.
  4. You can uninstall a lot of apps at once using ES File Explorer. First, download and install the app. Open it and select the menu icon at the top left of the screen. Then scroll down and select App. you will see a list of all the apps on your device. When you press and hold an app, it will give you the option to delete it. You can select several apps at once to delete. ES File Explorer will ask you to verify the apps you are deleting, so you don’t delete one by accident. Tap on the trashcan icon to delete the selected apps.

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