Yes; I deleted my Instagram account, and nobody has died. None of my hundreds of followers has noticed – or cared enough to ask. Ta!

So, I deleted my Instagram account and nobody died

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Yes; I deleted my Instagram account, and nobody has died. None of my hundreds of followers has noticed – or cared enough to ask. Ta!

deleted my Instagram account

Okay, two of them asked. One-tenth bread is better than none; right? Still, you get the picture: much of our social media activities will not be missed should we get rid of them.

New social platforms keep emerging every other day, and people flock to them. I keep asking, How do you all keep up? I keep hitting an invisible ceiling of some sort with these platforms. It might just be me. Some of you are super heroes with these things.

I have a Google Plus account that I barely visit. It is great for SEO, so as a blogger, I keep it running on auto for sharing my blog posts.

My 2Go account has been dormant, as has been my SnapChat account, along with my accounts on several other social platforms. You don’t want me to start listing them all.

But here is the really interesting thing: I do not miss Instagram. Why? you may ask. Because other platforms that are more integrated into my everyday life get the job done.

Between Facebook and WhatsApp, all the photo and video sharing I want to do gets done.

Living In The Moment

If there is one thing I have come to enjoy about WhatsApp status is how it allows you to express the moment and then wipes out the update after 24 hours.

The truth is that much of our social media updates are about the moment – what we are thinking of or going through now this very moment. They mostly become irrelevant hours and days after, sometimes weeks after.

You have no idea how often I have thought of wiping out my Facebook and Twitter archives. I read some of the stuff I posted years ago, and they were relevant to the situation then but not anymore.

WhatsApp Status lets me put my thoughts and vanity on display when I feel them and then it is gone. Which is What Snapchat and Instagram Stories do too.

Travelling Lean

I keep looking to keep my social media digital footprint trim, because spreading myself too thin is a bad idea. Man shall not live by social media alone… Feel free to complete the modified quote with whatever works for you.

Facebook is essential in many ways. It is the biggest and baddest of social media; it difficult to ignore. Whatsapp is essential to personal communication and so gets used a lot. Twitter is awesome for getting my daily dose of news and updates. Google Plus is an SEO tool and nothing more; I do no manual, personal posting there.

For now, those four are essential social platforms for me. The rest are mostly duplicates of what these four already offer. I have an active Linkedin account. I get more business from Facebook and Twitter than from there though. You know.

So, yes; I deleted my Instagram account and nobody has died. I should hunt down all my other dormant/redundant social media accounts and find a way to delete them too. Sometimes, less is more.

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  1. Yes o. Less is more, also called multiplying by dividing. The Cellular / molecular biologists know more….

    SnapChat, Instagram.. . Why register on those to start with? No, I haven’t bothered to even find out, and I don’t use Whatsapp Status too, although I am told it is a good business tool. .

    Old age, I know… .

  2. I haven’t been a big fan of Instagram since day one. I registered like 6 years ago and haven’t posted a single picture. I don’t even login to it.
    Perhaps I should delete it, as you did. One needs to decluster his life and reduce the social media noise.

  3. Funny enough, I didn’t know until you mentioned it. Instagram is one app I visit only once in a long while.

  4. Funny enough, most of my social media accounts are for keeping track of people I want to keep in touch with, or for following As I’m not a brand or promoting my services, I can opt in and opt out of those I want to be a part of.

    Not everyone is on Facebook. Funny enough I have siblings on Instagram but not on Facebook. They rarely post but they follow others, and it’s the same with Twitter. You’ll never read a comment from them, but they follow and read lots of articles.

    If your Instagram page is mainly for selfies and the odd product placement ad or to point people to your website…

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