Despite all, BlackBerry still delivers monthly security updates

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Remember when Stagefright shook the Android community. Users panicked, and this forced Google to start providing monthly security updates for OEMs. These updates were made to patch up Android devices, and keep them secure. In the first month, OEMs released the updates and that was it.

Ever since then, no one provided further updates except for BlackBerry. Honestly, this comes as no surprise, as BlackBerry prides themselves on providing top notch security on their gadgets. In a blog post:

BlackBerry is the first OEM to deliver patches in line with Google’s public disclosure, closing the window of vulnerability exposure to customers. Other mobile device vendors can take weeks, months or even years to deliver security patches, leaving you and your business at risk. BlackBerry’s steadfast commitment to timely security updates is just one of the many reasons why BlackBerry continues to be the undisputed leader in mobile privacy and security.

They also released a chart to this effect, highlighting how consistent they have been with the security updates compared to other OEMs. According to the chart,

  • Green means that the update was available for users to download, the day Google announced it.
  • Yellow indicates that it was made available within a week of the announcement.
  • Red is more than a week or not at all.

This goes to tell us that the BlackBerry Priv is the most secure Android device out there. Nice one BlackBerry!!

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