Developers Alert!! Microsoft open sources iOS-to-Windows 10 app porting tool

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Earlier this year, Microsoft held a build event, during which they revealed lots of new innovations. Continuum for Windows 10 Mobiles, a Universal Store for PC, mobile and tablets. Most notably, they announced that apps from Android and iOS will be ported to work on Windows 10. They claimed it would be possible with various porting tools – Project Astoria for Android apps and Project Islandwood for iOS apps.


In an official blogpost, Microsoft has announced that Project Islandwood (also know as Windows Bridge for iOS) will be made open source. The tool which is still in its early stages comprises of the compiler, runtime, and IDE integration. This aside, leaving it open source gives room for developers and enthusiasts to contribute source code, run tests, and report bugs.

All efforts are geared towards developing a tool that will smoothly port iOS apps to Windows 10 devices. The full app will be released before the end of the year. You can check out the source code here.

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