If you have been following this blog for the past three weeks, it is not hard to tell that I am quite different from the

Did BlackBerry just go from hot to NOT?

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BlackBerry Z10

If you have been following this blog for the past three weeks, it is not hard to tell that I am quite different from the other members of the Mobility team. When it comes to the innate details of phones, how the camera works and which OS works better…tick-tock; try the next door. In the area of mobile apps, I might know a thing or two, but I am no geek.

This difference was evident at our last meet. First off, I was the only one there crazy enough to appear with a dumb phone. Yes; I did that. How was I supposed to know I was going to be surrounded by phone geeks? Anyway, as the hang out progress, we got to the subject of BlackBerry. BlackBerry was a hit. I know all the lunch breaks I missed out on just to buy one. My first BlackBerry was a Pearl, I think. At the time, BIS was N5,000. I still remember subscribing to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) then. Somehow, the service never worked on that phone. Fast forward to the present: BlackBerry is being pushed down the popularity ladder and I am wondering how that happened. I will outline a few points and you are welcome to add the rest. So here goes nothing.

One of the key things that got me attracted to the BlackBerry device was BlackBerry Messenger and the email service. Back then, it was as if the whole world was addicted to being up to date with sending and receiving mails. Then there was also this feeling that once you weren’t on BBM, there was something you were missing out on. I am tempted to think that while others were busy learning BlackBerry’s secret; they were at ease in Zion.

Of course, it helped the brand’s image that the president of the United States was using a BlackBerry. The most powerful man on the face of the earth! Who cares what you think? News flash! But some of us got tired of you playing that card and we moved on. Let’s not even go to their archaic designs. Plus, graduating to touchscreen was literally a chore. When it comes to playing the “my horse is bigger than yours” game, they failed in that as well. Apple shouted them down with statistics that misled the entire world. Samsung, however, refused to give into their outrageous claims and right now they are scoring home runs.

Once upon a time, BlackBerry was everybody’s dream phone. Heck; there was even a movie shot in honor of BlackBerry. One major flaw in BlackBerry’s current strategy is the supposition that they can play the luxury game with Apple. I would have thought that Nigeria’s loyalty for about 3-4 years would have gotten us in their good book and ginger them to create more affordable devices, but trust them to stab us in the back.

As hard as it is to admit, there is a new world order, and the space being made for BlackBerry seems to be reading N-O-T. What steps to take to avoid it, I know not. BlackBerry should however take solace in the fact that they are my first love and I intend to leave this world with that a BlackBerry device in my hand.

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