Did Google abandon this as the first Android smartphone?

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Android Sooner

The Google Sooner, aka the HTC EXCA 300 was built a year before Android was officially released. It is supposedly the device that Android was originally built on back in 2007. It had a hardware QWERTY keyboard and non-touch display. It was clearly modelled after the most successful smartphones of the time – BlackBerry and Nokia’s E-series.

There are speculations that Google had to go back to the drawing board when the first iPhone was announced. Supposedly, because of the iPhone, Google added a touch interface and other features. There is some debate over the specifics. What do you think?

Source: 2007’s pre-M3 version of Android; the Google Sooner

  1. Google started the android project simultaneously in two directions. One of them features the picture above while the other features something that looks The iPhone. The GOOGLE SOONER and the Google DREAM.

    Google sooner was design with the characteristics of the present trend in technology as at 2007. That’s why it has the physical resemblance of RIM and SYMBIAN design. They later dropped the GOOGLE SOONER and focused on DREAM which featured SCREEN TOUCH.

    It was later optimised for stability and response with virtual qwerty keyboards and those drag, tap, swipe tech.
    even before the release of iPhone, screen touch technology has been existing.

    Fact is… Google didn’t go back to their drawing board, they rather drop a particular concept and continued with their PLAN B, Which is becoming the future of software…something we expect will soon come to hardware in form of modular phones.

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