Mobility Nigeria team member, Jesse, went and got himself a spanking new Nokia N8 last week – and he has been goshing all about it

Did you get a phone for Christmas?

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Mobility Nigeria team member, Jesse, went and got himself a spanking new Nokia N8 last week – and he has been goshing all about it since then (follow @JesseOguns on Twitter). While the unit that I have is the shiny futuristic blue version, he got himself the cool black colour.


That got me wondering if anyone who hangs around here got themselves a phone for Christmas. Alternatively, did anyone give you a mobile phone for Christmas?

Me? I didn’t get a phone for Christmas o (except you want to count the N8 gift from Nokia as an early Christmas gift). Interesting too, before the N8, no-one had ever given me a phone as a gift. Is it that people were afraid that whatever they got me would not cut it, or it just never occured to anyone to send me one?

Anyway, enough of that. Did you get a phone for Christmas, whether you purchased it for yourself or got one as a gift?


  1. Blue is my best color but I want the black N8.

    Too bad on my end the only thing that was flying around were drinks, rice, chicken and rams.

    I would have gotten my self a phone for Xmas but I just have to wait.

  2. I didnt get one for myself. I did buy that cheap etisalat dual-sim phone for a lady. But by February, I have got to have the N8 in my possession.
    NB – Amazon has begun accepting pre-orders for the nokia E7, at a hefty price of about $680, approx 105-110k naira.

  3. Yomi,
    Its been battle for change, a transition from QWERTY to TOUCHscreen. I guess I have set myself on a new learning curve. Of course, changes happen in our lives when we leave our comfort zone.

    The nokia *N8 feels good, looks good, acts good, xcept for the battery. The battery is xcellent for a phone of its callibre, its just for people who spend a long time on their phone, a QWERT, non-touch screen would be better.

    Hope you guys all had phone during the holiday. Thanks for the encouragement, my error rate on the touch screen has reduced.

  4. Jesse, said,’Hope you guys all had PHONE during the holiday’

    Ho, ho, hooo!!!

    Obviously this guy thinks, breathes and lives PHONES!

    Abi PHONE spells FUN for you…loool

  5. Yes, Phone is absolute fun. It is like having a new wife. That is, so to speak. There is nothing as exciting for me, than when I buy a good, well researched phone that I love. I didn’t get one this Christmas on account of lots of responsibilities.

    but then, I’ll love to throw the question back to Yomi! Do you have any intention of stocking the N8 in your phonestore? Or do you have the N8 in your Store already? Sometime in february after all the end-of-year expenses and burial are a thing of the past, I bet the demand for N8s would be high! And I’d have to get meself an N8 then!

  6. Funny! Ho ho ho! So I typed that. Chei! This is def the work of touchSCREEN. I go survive am.

    Its a new learning curve. But its funny sha! Ho ho ho!

  7. Lol at Jesse, Eyebeekay, and Yomi.

    @afewgoodmen – the n8 has been on the mobilitynigeria phone store for about 2 weeks.

    I’m tired of the Samsung Wave, and WILL get a new mobile device by February. But should I buy the Ovim tablet for 45k, or trade-in my Wave for the N8 for about 60k? I’m in Owerri now and plan to visit Fasmicro’s office this week to get a feel of Ovim. Maybe that’ll settle the issue for me, as I’ve already handled a friend’s N8

  8. Nothing for me this xmas.
    Did not give, did not receive.
    Result of economic meltdown and commitments plus a little ill health. Will hopefully start shopping for phones late into the 1st quarter of 2011.

  9. The e5 is not bad too I got it a day before xmas and is working fine, ill always prefer Nokia……..

  10. Ya, I did get me a black n8 for xmas… I live a private life but anytime I have to take d phone out of my pocket in public …. “is dat an n8,wow lemme see” then I start lecturin like like @yomi …. Cool fone,only wish d battery can match my heavy usage.. also, 150mb from glo can’t meet its data needs..wish there was a better data package. Cool phone though…

  11. me-big plans from tomorrow. I didnt get a phone for chrismas,but i have a very big plan from to morrow-saving for the N8+ovim tablet+nook e reader.2011 is my year of mobile freak madness syndrome.

  12. @jujukemist – i like you list. I also wanted an ebook reader, the amazon kindle. But since amazon has an android app for the kindle, i decided the Ovim Tablet will cover the job of ebook reading.

  13. spacyzuma
    thanks bro,the kindle and the nook both have the e ink platform-a technology that makes e book look like real paper with ever the kindle is not coloured and touchscreen,though she has the longest battery life

  14. and just to add the nook’s mother-Barnes and Noble have over 2million books in their bookstore as compared to the kindle’ about a million.And the nook supports an open source e book format, that the kindle would not

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