Did you know? An Android Smartwatch can run Windows 95

Windows 95 on gear watch

Just recently someone did something insane by installing the old Windows 95 OS on an Android wear device; yes, am talking about the twenty years old classic Windows OS running on a wearable.

The OS which was sideloaded using ADOSBOX, as expected didn’t run quite smoothly, just after an application was opened it ran out of memory space. You can watch a practical video of the watch running the old OS below.

Though, it’s not like anything much can be done on such a tiny screen running an OS meant for a desktop, but this just goes to show how technology has advanced in the past couple of years in terms of hardware and software capabilities.

Am guessing if this was possible on a smartwatch, it’s also possible on a smartphone. Not like there will any need for it though, because it’s still going to be practically useless.



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