Did you know? Samsung occupies 37.8% of all Android phones – Open Signal reports

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Open Signal, a network mapping service have just released report highlighting the various levels of fragmentation in the Android ecosystem. The results shows that Samsung is the most dominant brand in the Android space with 37.8% (falling from43% in 2012). The runners up by a long shot are LG, Sony and Motorola, while the rest are smaller players both named and unnamed.


Still talking manufacturers, 1294 new brands surfaced just this year. Incredible!! Android fragmentation got worse this year, we now have 24,093 distinct Android devices or maybe more. This poses a headache for Android developers having them to make apps to fit multiple brands, OS’es and screen sizes. The good side is that you have options – Literally any (realistic) specs you can imagine is available out there.

Other results from the report show that, over the years, phone screens have got bigger, CPU’s now have more cores, RAM’s also increased in capacity. Please note that this report is curated from (about) 628,000 downloads of the Open Signal app starting from 2012. You can see the full report HERE.


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