Did You Know – We Always Try To Have A Device From Each Platform At All Times?

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A brief discussion on my Twitter line this morning brought to the fore-front something that I had always taken for granted that the average Mobility blog reader knew.

I mentioned a particular issue and a regular here replied, wondering that I still had one of such devices. He was of the thought that I had gotten rid of them.

I responded to him that, yes; I still had a device running that OS and that we always endeavoured to have devices across all smartphone platforms available at Mobility Towers at all times. That way, we can try out apps on all those platforms and offer tutorials and helpful tips for all of them.

He asked if we had iOS and Windows Phone. I answered that we indeed have iOS in-house, but that Windows Phone would arrive soon.

That surprised him. I’m betting that it surprises a few others.

As I type this, we have BlackBerry OS7, Maemo/Harmattan/MeeGo, Android 2.3, iOS 4.3, and Symbian (Nokia Belle) represented here. A Windows Phone 7.5 device will be here shortly, and Bada will be in as soon as we can get our hands on a Bada 2.0 device.

We try to have the very latest version of each of those platforms, so we are up-to-date. Of course, this is not always possible for a variety of reasons.

Beyond that, you will have noticed that we also bring you reviews of devices across different price ranges – high end, mid-tier, and low-end – to our readers from time to time.

Besides smartphones, We also have a couple of feature phones available. Remember the Motorola EX115 Dual SIM phone? Aha!

The idea is to give you as complete a feel as possible.

It takes a lot to run an operation like ours – and we are extremely pleased with what we do here.

How Can You Help Us?

When we offer review devices for sale, you can help by spreading the word. If you are interested in those devices, you can help by not offering ridiculous prices 😉

As a rule, our review devices are re-sold in “A-Grade” condition. That means you are getting a brand new device at a significant discount.

Where the device is no longer in that A-grade state, our prices reflect that.

Those who have purchased review devices from us can testify to our integrity.

Again, thank you for making Mobility blog the great community that it is. This 2012, things are going to get even more interesting around here.

We have some of the most exciting devices available today on ground already. No; I’m not telling. Subscribe, bookmark and check here everyday.

To borrow words from Spartacus, “Mobility, shall we begin?!

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