Uber fare quote for uberBlack and uberX

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If you are new to using the ride hailing service, here is a quick Uber fare quote guide for uberBlack and uberX.

uberX is a low-cost option that uses the same Uber app to connect you with the most reliable, convenient and affordable ride in your city. The difference between uberBlack and uberX is grade of cars and cost. UberBlack cars are more luxurious and the rides cost more. Here is a comparison table of current rates and vehicle types in Lagos, Nigeria:

Pricing uberX UberBlack
Base Fare: N500 N500
Minimum Fare: N500 N800
Fare per km: N100 N155
Fare per min: N10 N15
Fare Example:
Islands to Airport: N5000 N6000
Car Types: Toyota Rav4 Mercedes Benz ML Class
Toyota Camry Toyota Prado
Kia Sorrento BMW X5

uber fare quote uberx uberblack

How To Use

  • Open up your Uber app and you’ll now see two vehicle options to choose from: uberX and UberBlack
  • Toggle over to the left to give uberX a try.
  • Set your pickup location and tap the “Request uberX” button.

Remember: uberBlack is for luxury; uberX is for affordable. Simple.

Uber Fare Quote

Uber fare quote
Uber calculates its fares by a combination of distance and time spent on the road. An example of Uber fare quote is as displayed above. Fares may vary due to traffic, weather and other factors.

To Get Uber

Download Uber for Android, Windows Phone or iPhone, signup with Uber and go to Promotions in the app menu to enter this code: uberMoverick. That should give you N2,000 free credit or so. Or just click here to signup now.

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