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I work every day of the week, so for the most part, Monday mornings hold nothing special for me, to be honest. Every day is work day at a job that I really love, so I am good like that. However, we all know the all too common Monday morning blues that strikes a huge portion of earth’s inhabitants. For many, Monday is not looked forward to, as it means they return to a job that they do not love. Sad.

But then, when you hear someone say, “Thank God its Monday” (TGIM), do not be too sure that it is because they love their jobs. Here are a few categories of people who belong to Team TGIM for other reasons than the love of their work.

  • Day students who are too glad to get away from the strong hands of their parents. Many of them would rather not be in school, but getting away from pa and ma is much more important.
  • Spouses whose homes are in a current state of turmoil and are glad to escape away to the workplace. They may hate their jobs, but a getaway is a getaway.
  • Corrupt public officials (policemen, council officers, LASTMA, etc) whose extortion hustles are put on hold during weekends. Almost all of them hate their jobs.

Do you know any other class of people who gladly embrace Team TGIM? Be sure to have a good week.

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  1. Well that Strikes My Thought of Remembrance to The Late Fela’s Song “L’ojo Monday eko Oni Gba gba ku Gba’ meaning On Monday morning Lagosians Never take Nonsense And Tends Handling their Works With Much Dexterity compared to Other Days.
    well….i Won’t that Agree With the Factors Associated to List of TGIM Group You listed Above, Albeit Seem’s To Be True Anyways!

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