Yes; your television set is going to go blank in June 2015 when the world switches off analogue broadcasting systems to digital television. This is

Digital: Get ready or your TV set will black out in June 2015

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Yes; your television set is going to go blank in June 2015 when the world switches off analogue broadcasting systems to digital television. This is because the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has set June 17, 2015 as the deadline to migrate from analogue to digital broadcasting.

Digital TV

GOtv recently held an event to help educate on the transition from analogue broadcasting to digital. Here are the key things you need to know about the transition to digital television:

  • Benefits of digital TV to subscribers include: Increased channels, much higher video resolutions, audio quality, and better reception.
  • Another benefit of the migration is that precious radio frequency is freed up for the telecommunications industry to put to use for mobile telephony, mobile internet and WiFi, among others.
  • From June 2015 when analogue systems are shut down, analogue TV receivers will no longer receive signals because the broadcasting stations will be transmitting on digital.
  • Here in Nigeria, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), on Tuesday, June 30, 2014 flagged-off the digital migration process in Jos.
  • TV stations are preparing for the switch. If your favourite TV station does not make the migration to digital broadcasting, they will go off air from the cut-off date.
  • You need to ensure that your television set is digital broadcasting compliant, or you will need a set-top box receiver to be able to receive digital signals. If not, your TV set will go blank when analogue is switched off in 2015.
  • You also need to ensure that you are subscribed to a digital TV service – whether regular terrestrial TV, cable TV, or satellite TV.
Nigeria Digital Migration Flagoff
L-R: Plateau State Governor, Dr. David Jonah Jang, Elizabeth Amkpa, General Manager, GOtv; and Emeka Mba, Director General, National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) during the flag-Off of the Jos Pilot City Digital Switch-Over (DSO) held at Eliel Center, Jos, Plateau State today 30th of June, 2014.
GOtv digital campaign
L – R: Public Relations Manager GOtv, Miss Efe Obiomah, General Manager GOtv, Mrs Elizabeth Amkpa, Marketing Manager GOtv, Mr Dare Kafar, MultiChoice Super Dealer in Jos, Mr Abdul Wahid Yusuf and MultiChoice Regional Sales Manager, Mr Ade Adenuga during the launch of GOtv’s digital migration campaign tagged, Digilevelz Don Land, held in Jos on Saturday, 28 June 2014

According to GOtv’s Public Relations Manager, Miss Efe Obiomah, GOtv is already digital and so subscribers have nothing to worry about when the world switches off analogue transmission in June 2015. With just N6,900, anyone can get a decoder + antenna + 1 month subscription with access to 41 channels.

Already, the US and many European countries have completed the switchover from analogue to digital. As Nigeria makes the transition, you should be aware and get ready to take the leap into the future. The future is digital.


  1. I like changes like this,the kinds that force you to change for good or die the only kind Nigerians will respond to.

  2. Multichoice positioned themselves well with GoTV. They are effectively capturing the mass market while not letting go of the relatively niche market of DSTV subscribers. They nailed HiTV’s coffin. Startimes watchout.

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