CDMA mobile operator, ZoomMobile, has an ongoing “Xmas offer”. The offer provides five (5) smartphones and one (1) feature phone at extremely rock-bottom prices. Treo

Dirt Cheap Smartphones in the Zoom Xmas Offer

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CDMA mobile operator, ZoomMobile, has an ongoing “Xmas offer”. The offer provides five (5) smartphones and one (1) feature phone at extremely rock-bottom prices.

    Treo Centro
  • Treo Centro (Palm OS): N11,999.00
  • Motorola Q9c (Windows Mobile): N11,999.00
  • Samsung 830W (Windows Mobile; Dual Technology: GSM + CDMA): N11,999.00
  • Motorola Q (Windows Mobile): N9,999.00
  • Treo 755P (Palm OS): N11,999.00
  • Tech 101 (Dual Technology: GSM + CDMA): N7,999.00

Unfortunately, the ZoomMobile website is outdated in terms of information. You won’t find this information there.

However, should you be interested in any of the above, dash down to the nearest Zoom centre to pick your copy up. Hurry! Promo may end anytime (christmas is over!).

Note that both the Treos and Motorolas are EVDO-compliant, so high-speed mobile internet is in view with those devices, but you need to subscribe to the ZMBlast internet plan in order to have EVDO access.

For the benefit of those interested, we are publishing the various mobile internet plans from ZOOM below.

ZOOMmobile Internet Plans

1x Service Plans

  • Easy Time (24 hours for 30 days): N10,000
  • Busy Time (24 hours for 14 days): N5,000
  • Business Time (Day Time for 30 days): N7,000
  • Relax Time (6pm – 11pm for 30 days): N5,000
  • Rest Time (11pm – 7am for 30 days): N5,000
  • Cool Time (8am Fri – 10pm Sunday for 30 days): N5,000

EVDO/Broadband Service Plan

  • ZMBlast (24 hours for 30 days): N15,000

Pay As You Browse (Pay B) Options

  • Pay B 1,000 (10 hours across 5 days): N1,000
  • Pay B 3,000 (40 hours across 18 days): N3,000
  • Pay B 5,000 (100 hours across 30 days): N5,000
  • Pay B 10,000 (300 hours across 60 days): N10,000


  1. @Alireta: I remember that Yom mentioned in his review of Palm 700P that the built-in browser did not work without configuring a proxy? That bit is discouraging. Is it the same for these set of smartphones?

    Besides that, these prices are tempting.

  2. Samsung 830W (Windows Mobile; Dual Technology: GSM + CDMA) : I think this will be a good option if the one can also access the internet the internet on it with a GSM sim. What are the tarrif plans of zoom mobile internet?

  3. kay123,

    ZOOMmobile has the widest range of internet plans. We have updated the post above to add the various internet plans from ZOOM.

  4. Zoom sell branded phones from sprint. There is this 2nd hand feel to it. But who cares…. we all buy tokunbo and this one is actually not.

    I stuck to Zoom for a long time because they afford me the opportunity of owning fantastic phones at insane prices. I remember my Palm treo, HTC Mogul, HTC touch, Motorola Q. All sub 20k I think. Anytime i tire of a phone I get a new one and Zoom engineers swap the numbers for me free. Despite these good offers, I had to drop them. The reason is simple. these internet tariffs are just so uncompetitive. From my base, Zoom blast doesnt work. Its 1x all the time and the speeds are awful. I got me a UTMS 3G modem and the speeds are a major attraction.

    Of what use is a Ferrari without the speed? Of what use is a fancy phone without good reliable internet connection.

  5. Can one access GSM mobile internet service on those sets with dual technology? Zoom mobile internet sevice can’t be compared with mobile internet bundles from GSM operators in terms of cost.

  6. Tempting………… really tempting, especially the dual mode Samsung. Yes it is an ugly phone with outdated Windows Mobile OS, but with EV-DO support and GSM support and a pocket friendly price, this is a good deal.

  7. can somebody tell me where to get a universal 3g usb internet modem in Abujaas well as the above zoom mobile stuff in Abuja

  8. We have good news for all you guysn wondering whether the GSM functionality of the phone can be used for internet data. From this review of the 830W:

    The GSM half of the phone only works on foreign networks, and when you’re connected over GSM, data speeds drop to GPRS speeds.

    This 830W product specification says:

    The IP-830W uses the Sprint CDMA/EVDO networks while in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and roams on CDMA and/or GSM networks (voice) and GPRS networks (data) while outside of North America.

  9. Its a good offer to only few who have access to their network. I read about Cdma, Gsm & Gprs. What differentiates Gsm & Gprs?

  10. Well, I think the promo is over… at least in Abuja.

    I wanted to get the Palm Treo yesterday and they told me its N20k now. The bad part was it was the plam treo that I badly needed… and they said it was out of stock… that the only had the Centro and the Samsung.

    For the guy who asked, Zoom in Abuja is somewhere opposite Banex plaza in a kinda hidden building. You should spot the sign… but if you can’t ask around.

    For people who are interested in the Samsung, be aware that even Zoom Engineers have difficulty configuring the CDMA/EVDO part to work on their network. I know because I bought one in January 2009. Its sitting on my desk now looking smugly at me. Only the GSM GPRS works and that one doesnt work with MTN.

    Also, make sure you check the box before leaving. That Samsung comes with two batteries. The default batteries lasts just for an annoying 8 hours which will drop to 5 hours when you start using it heavily and like 3 hours later in its lifetime. Its the bigger battery that is the koko.

    When I bought mine, the bigger battery had been removed. The sad part was i had to travel the next day and I spent four months at my base. When I came back, after knowing I should have two batteries, time had already passed and it could not be returned nor changed…. plus I’m not the type who knows how make lots of noise. he he…

    Honestly, out of the pack, the Treo is the best you can go for. Take it from me.

  11. And……… they also have blackberries at cheap prices in case you are interested.. In fact, one of the BBs @ N35,000 runs on GSM/EVDO which you can interswitch. Bad thing is it doesn’t have a camera…

    I bet Alireta can research on that one.

  12. Those deals are really tempting, plz does anybody know where i can get nokia 5320 or used 5800? i’m in benin. thnx

  13. Hello…@ all
    pls do they v any dual mode windows mobile dts gat wi-fi?is there any fone lik dt?

  14. I have a bit of a problem right here. I want to buy a good phone and can’t make up my mind on which phone to choose. First of all, i am considering the Nokia 5070. My buddy has one. It looks pretty tough, and it all seemed good, but then i started researching other phones. Now my largest dilemma is choosing between the Nokia 5610Nokia 6500 and the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD 8GB. Any suggestions?

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