Here is how to disable Android Nougat notification pop-ups

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For all of the improvements that Android 7 Nougat brings to the table, it is amazing how Google messed up the notification system by leaving no way to disable pop-ups other wise called peeking without turning off all notifications. Right now, Android Nougat lets you turn off ALL notifications – pop-ups, sounds, and vibration. You cannot turn off only pop-ups and get audio alerts. That isn’t something that the guys at Google thought out well at all.

I have always found notification popups intrusive. I remember when Facebook Messenger introduced chat heads – which is a fancy name for pop-up notifications. It was the rudest experience ever. Thankfully, Facebook has enough sense to provide the user with the option to turn it off.

So you can imagine my angst the first time I picked up an Android 7 Nougat smartphone and had notifications popping up everywhere. This may not be a big problem for people who do not have lots of connected apps, but in my line of work, I am constantly receiving notifications on my smartphone. Having tons of pop-ups interrupting what I am currently doing is so intrusive and annoying.

Google’s inconsistency in this matter is troubling. The option to disable heads-up notifications was not built into Android 5 Lollipop and I had to use an app called HeadsOff to do it . Then Google put the option to disable pop-up notifications in Android 6 Marshmallow.

I have tried everything in the book, to no avail, but finally the gods of mobile smiled on me. The HeadsOff app that worked for Lollipop does not work for Nougat. But the developer of the app has come to my rescue again.

How To Disable Android Nougat 7 Notification Pop-ups

The developer behind HeadsOff, Jawomo (formerly Jamworks), has created a sister app named noHeadsUp (Android 7.0+) and it gets the job done nicely. I installed the app, set it up and immediately said goodbye to the pesky pop-up notifications that Google imposed on me.

If you find heads-up notifications a distraction like I do, just head over to the Play Store to download noHeadsUp (Android 7.0+). Give a word of appreciation to Jawomo too. Meanwhile, Google needs to wake up and realise that user choice in this matter is essential. Enough with the dilly-dallying. Give Android users the option to disable pop-up notifications without shutting down all other notifications.

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