This is a quick guide showing how to disable autoplay video on your mobile device for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

How to disable autoplay video on Facebook, IG, Twitter, YouTube

This is a quick guide showing how to disable autoplay video on your mobile device for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 


It started with websites on PC years ago. You are blissfully browsing and arrive a website, and boom! Some audio or video media begins to play. Sometimes you scramble around to find which of the tabs you have opened the media is playing from so as to stop it.

There is no doubt that Web developers who enable auto-playing video on web pages have a special place in hell.


The annoying practice has since been carried over to mobile apps. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, videos automatically play as you scroll through your feed. The developers behind these apps have a place in hell right next to their web developer cousins.

Why Disable autoplay video?

Not only is it annoying, but it also uses your mobile data for an activity you are often not interested in. And it is even worse if you are on a pricey data plan. Video auto-play can have a huge impact on your monthly data spend.


Lastly, auto-playing videos are an extra drain on your device’s battery. In other words, you run out of power faster.

In summary, the benefits of disabling video autoplay for the apps on your mobile phone or tablet include:

  1. Having less distractions
  2. Spending less on data
  3. Preserving your device’s battery charge

Here are quick instructions you can follow to disable autoplay videos on four of the world’s biggest social media apps, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

Disable autoplay video for Facebook

The Facebook mobile app provides you with two options for turning off video autoplay.

The first option is to use a feature called Data Saver.

Tap the Hamburger menu (that is the menu with the three horizontal lines) in the top right corner of the app. Then scroll down to choose Settings & Privacy -> Data Saver. Enable it to completely turn off video autoplay and reduce image size. Now, you can relax and forget about pesky videos that play automatically.

disable autoplay video on facebook
Disable autoplay video for Facebook

The second option gives you more control over how videos play.

Go to Settings & Privacy -> Settings -> Media and contacts -> Auto-play.


Then choose whether videos auto-play when you are on mobile data and Wi-Fi, or on Wi-Fi connections only. Or alternatively choose the last option to never auto-play videos.

The choice is yours. What is your final answer?

Let’s skip over to Twitter next.

Disable autoplay video for Twitter

The Twitter app also offers two ways you can deal with auto-playing videos.

Go to Settings and privacy ->Data usage -> Data saver. You can enable it to stop videos from autoplaying and to load lower-quality images. Again, if you choose this, you are good.



disable autoplay video on twitter

But if you want to exercise more control, you can scroll down that page to Video autoplay and pick from the following options:

  • Mobile data & Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi only
  • Never

That “Never” option sounds so good in the head; doesn’t it?

Up next is YouTube!

Disable autoplay video for YouTube

To disable videos from automatically playing on YouTube, tap Settings -> Autoplay. Toggle Autoplay next video off to keep the app from playing another video automatically when you are done with one you are watching. This is also great to keep yourself from descending down YouTube’s rabbit hole of watching video after video for hours.

disable autoplay videos on YouTube

Also, there are options for how you want videos to play when you are browsing the YouTube Home feed. Options include Always on, Wi-Fi only, and Off.

Disable autoplay video for Instagram

Instagram is a bit of a rebel when it comes to managing video auto-play. There is no option to disable it, but there is an option to use less data. Even that option has been buried deep so it isn’t exactly obvious.

Launch your Instagram app and open your Profile and tap on the Hamburger menu in the top right corner -> Gear icon at the bottom of the page -> Mobile data use. You can toggle the control there to use less data.

use less data on Instagram

Now enjoy your apps with video auto-play turned off

That is it. Now you can use those apps with fewer distractions from videos that auto-play, and also enjoy less data consumption and longer battery life

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