How to disable Bixby Home on your Galaxy smartphone

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Samsung’s Bixby Home can be useful in a number of ways. But if like me, you find yourself swiping that way by accident too often, this short guide shows you how to disable Bixby Home on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

First up, note that when you turn off Bixby Home on your device, it does not mean you cannot still use Bixby. You can always launch the app via its shortcut and be able to use all its features, including Bixby Vision. You just won’t be able to swipe left on the homescreen to access it.

So, how do you turn Bixby Home off?

How To Disable Bixby Home

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Press and hold any empty space on your Galaxy smartphone’s homescreen, then swipe left till the Bixby Home pane is visible. Toggle the button at the top right corner of the pane to disable the pane. Now tap the home button and you’re done.

Bixby Home will no longer be available on your homescreen. Bliss, if you’re tired of accidentally activating it by swiping left.


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