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Recently, we announced our Classifieds service, which allows anyone to advertise in not more than 25 words in our sidebar. The reception has been warm and we have signed up a few clients already.

We are now also introducing a discount offer that provides the opportunity to place banner adverts on our site for as low as N10,000 per month.

V.I.P. tariffs

We offer 728×90 pixel a dominant banner, at the top right to the logo on the desktop version of MobilityNigeria, and 468×60 pixels horizontal banner that’s placed right on top of and below each article.

These banners cost hundreds of thousands of naira per month, but we are throwing our doors open to a select group to enjoy them at the following discount rates:

  • 728 x 90 (65,600) leaderboard – N50,000 per month, and
  • 468 x 60 (18,080) horizontal banner – N10,000 per month

How do you qualify for these discount rates? Simply take up either one of these banner slots this month of August at the above rates, and you qualify to enjoy these same low-cost rates for the next 2 years.

In other words, if you take up a 468×60 horizontal banner at N10,000 this August, you can take up the 728×90 or 468×60 banners at the above rates till July ending 2014.

Everyone else, besides V.I.P. Club members, pays the standard advert rates (contact us for the rates).

Limited Slots Available

We have limited slots available for our V.I.P. club, so hurry up and place your order. If these banner ad prices are outside of your budget, you might want to take a look at our Classifieds.

Please mail mobility[@] for enquiries


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