Discussion: Here’s the reason why your Nokia battery lasted so long

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Nokia battery dey last! Nokia battery dey last!! …

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the above statement in the past, probably, I would be a millionaire today. People have always associated long lasting batteries to Nokia devices. The Finnish company has so impacted lives in this part of the world, that this belief holds true for many people.

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that, things have changed drastically in the mobile phone space. Those Nokia phones you used to praise then, are almost non existent now. If it were then, I would totally agreed that Nokia batteries had stamina. Today, we look into why this was so. Hopefully, this piece will clarify the argument, and relate it to what we have today.


The new mobile trend has taught us more about a phone’s battery life, battery capacities and mAh ratings. Consider that the average phone these days have a battery rating of 3000 mAh. I picked up a Nokia battery and looked at it’s battery rating, and guess what? It read 860 mAh. I picked up a fatter, more bulky one and it read 1020 mAh. I can sense the shock on your faces :mrgreen:

If their battery ratings were these small, then why did they last so long?

The first answer to this question is that, most of the phones then, were feature phones. They didn’t connect to the internet or have data connection, else their battery lives would’ve been abysmal. Switching off mobile data on your phone can help you achieve similar results.

Secondly, these phones weren’t as powerful as the ones we have today. They had low power consumption compared to the ones we have today. That’s why it would last and last and last. I recall my mum had a Nokia 1600 that lasted 1 week after full charge.

I’ve seen boys pad Nokia batteries into their Android phones, whether they expect it to last long or run down quickly, I can’t tell. Have you had similar experience? Your thoughts..

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