Ditching mobile internet for business use

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Last week, I finally got tired of the unreliable services that the mobile networks have been offering for broadband internet. Till today, with active internet subscriptions from all four GSM networks, and I can barely get anything done. I had a discussion with a business partner over the weekend and mentioned how this situation has kept me from being productive in a week and mentioned that I was looking elsewhere for broadband internet. She was of the opinion that “its unthinkable that businesses are running services on what these networks are offering.” I fully concur.

mobile internet for business

As an enthusiast of mobility, I had stuck with them for years. I rooted for them, waiting for things to get better. D’oh! It is time to move on to people who earn their primary income from broadband services. Hopefully, that focus will mean that I get better services. I said in an earlier article that the mobile networks’ internet services are not worth paying for. Seeing that I am using my internet subscriptions for business – reliability being key – they are not even worth using for free!! What is the point of using a mobile internet service for free if your mails still won’t get synchronised and all? Pointless.

If it is business that you are interested in, forget free browsing or special promos. Just go look elsewhere for your broadband needs. You can subscribe to one of those tiny plans for use on your smartphone for when you are out and about, but for office or home-office use, look elsewhere if possible. Look at all options available to you. In some cases, you may have no other option but to rely on a mobile internet subscription. That’s all fine and good. But if better options are available, move!

As said in my conversation with my business partner, Mister Mobility is done with using mobile internet services for business.


  1. Be sure to test drive in your location before you take the leap. Oxygen’s coverage is very limited. Unlike with the GSM telcos, with Swift and other ‘4G’ ISPs, you will have to buy the mifis or routers, you don’t have the luxury of swapping SIMs at will. Change of ISP = buy new router.
    And when they have their downtime too? Maybe you can just buy Glo’s main one cable 🙂

  2. Maybe you can just buy Glo’s main one cable


    You know, that is an absolutely fabulous idea. Perhaps a few years from now, Mobility might own Main One. Or some other cable company. We might as well get in the game too.

  3. You will Call it Mobility1 Cable. :-), We use swift in the office its fast, and occasionally, like once in a month it would be so terrible we wont get anything done in an entire day, but its better than relying on mobile networks.

  4. // Unlike with the GSM telcos, with Swift and other ’4G’ ISPs, you will have to buy the mifis or routers, you don’t have
    the luxury of swapping SIMs at will.//


    Get to my friend’s cyberspace in Egbe, and see all sorts of ISP gadgets.He has cycled through them all, and it still not connectivity nirvana.

    He has the same headache, (although maybe not as migraine_y as the one with mobile network’s) – of ensuring round the clock internet connectivity .

    It is the mostly the same tale of woe, unless you have vSAT equipment.

    God dey!

    They keep swallowing each other, these SIPs. see Swift Networks acquires the 4G business of Direct on PC.

  5. If your serious about getting a permanent broadband solution, then get a T1/E1 dedicated microwave link. Guaranteed 2Mbps dedicated connection on a separate radio channel. You can either get it from the mobile operators or from Main One.

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