MTN’s official word on the TalkOn tariff plan as pulled up from their site is: Advertisement “If you make long calls to lots of people,


Do I Really Talk On on MTN's TalkOn?

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MTN’s official word on the TalkOn tariff plan as pulled up from their site is:


If you make long calls to lots of people, MTN TalkOn is the best plan for you.

On MTN TalkOn, your first minute of call during the day will be charged at 50 kobo per second. After your first minute of calls, your MTN-to-MTN will then be charged at 25 kobo per second. No access fee, no hidden charges!!! Now that is what TRU VALUE is!!!

It may be true value for some others, but it does not offer me anything worth shouting about. Note that this tariff plan only works when you make calls from your MTN line to other MTN lines.

Here is my situation: none of the calls I make on a regular basis are to an MTN line. And I mean not a single one. All my family and friends are on other networks- Dad, Mum, wife, brother and sisters, friends – not a single one of them are on MTN.


So what does MTN want me to do? Buy each member of my family and friends an MTN line so I can use TalkOn? I don’t think so.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the divide, the other members of my family and friends who are on Airtel are having a blast. Actually, they are talking on and on. And the best part is, they are billed 20 kobo per second for calls to other networks. Contrast that with the 50 kobo per second that I pay on MTN TalkOn when reaching my contacts on other networks.


I ask, Is it not time for me to move? I think now is the best time to drop my MTN line and move to 2good. The news article announcing MTN TalkOn registered a lot of angst from disgruntled subscribers. The solution isn’t so hard to find – perhaps it is time for those other dissatisfied subscribers like myself to drop their MTN SIMs and move to other networks that suit their needs?

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  2. @Yomi…..GBAM!!! Nail on the head couldnt have sounded any better.
    Airtel 2Good is the best thing to have happened to the Nigerian GSM tariff competition. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT AT ALL.

  3. Well, moving from one network to another is an unavoidable facf-o-life in Nigeria!

    In connection with this, some people are not enjoying Glo Infinito. Despite the official word being that it is now a ubiquitous offer all over Nigeria.

    The 15MB free data on Etisalat does not work unless your SIM is originally on the quattro of 4-SIM EasyCliq. At least it did not work after we migrated from EasyStarter to Easy Cliq for Wifey and a Business Partner. Of course N100 ws deducted sharp-sharp by etisalat for the migration. Wasted money.

    I have been lucky in that my Glo still makes calls @ 15k/sec. And I am also enjoying the Etisalat 15Mb freebie.

    Attempts to speak to customer care on both the Glo and Etisalat issue was not successful (by phone).

    It will be great if these networks will stop these ‘hide-and-seek’ game.
    I am rather sick and tied of the nonsense.

    I just subscribed to Starcomms iZap. I was assured of EVDO coverage where I planned to use it. But most of the time, the speed is CDMA-1x. Service paid for – not enjoyed!

    So, we will just need to keep ‘roaming’ from one network to another.

    Really sad!

  4. And on top of that NCC is coming up with a big bang in May 2011. There is going to be mass exodus.

    Since MTN started the Paygo and TalkOn tariffs, my internet has been very crappy, as in a snail moves faster than it. Mchewwwwwwwww! How would I use my money, purchase bundle and they give me snail speed. 3G- is what I get instead of 3G+

    MTN, abeg abeg, you guys should sit up or take a walk. Truth is most of the people using your network now, would stop using it, some of your die hard fans like Dayo and me are switching. Like if you don’t tream my slow fast link, there would be mass exodus (o_o) Please bury your ego of everywhere you go and learn from the doers (etisalat and zain).

  5. Point on Dayo! At present the most competitive voice offer is the 2good plan, closely followed by Easylife. For instance, the 1st 10mins on 2good will cost #144 (inclusive of 60k/sec for the 1st minute), while Easy life will cost #150 ( #20 daily access charge=#170).
    All these across all network…for MTN new plans, hmmm i comment my reserve.

  6. This is really commendable of MTN. I am glad that finally MTN, the usually most relunctant operator to change tariff has joined the bandwagon. Salvation is indeed near for Nigerian mobile phone customers.
    We must therefore commend Airtel and to some extent Etisalat for starting this revolution of 20k per second.
    Airtel tariff is really 2Good to be true. Etisalat, we are waiting for you to join the 20k race! And for Glo, my advice is, dont “slack” like we say in this part of the world.
    Operators keep it coming

  7. I have been hearing mostly +ve comments about Etisalat data being the most reliable/ stable in. the country.

    I an trying their data for the first time . Been using AirTel and Glo.

    My experience with the Eti people is that their data service is more epileptic than PHCN – neck of woods.

    Maybe this is due to the 15mb weekly free data on loading a minimum of N200. Maybe it is duee to congestion occasionedby the rush to that network. Time wil tell.

    As it stands now, I.d rather pay for my old reliable Glo – than take the 15MB free data by Etisalat..

    Our, maybe this is am opportunity top dust my MTN SIM and give them a trial- too.

  8. @Yomi…..OUCH!!! Note taken.
    @Dayo… vex abeg. You know as e be nah. Great article.

  9. MTN and their Very funny approach to consumer satisfaction never cease to amaze me. I wonder why people are rejoicing over the so-called magic no or is it voodoo no,lol. As far as I’m concerned,that’s utter rubbish! They know they can do more than that.

  10. eyebeekay,
    Etisalat has the best data might just be your area..check the robust edge network they’ve been able to build in over 2years and compare the number of years mtn and glo has spent..the only thing that beats etisalat is mtn’s 3.5G but that might be a thing of the past soon since etisalat now has a 3G licence too..

  11. I think we shouldn’t be too negative all the time. I think MTN deserves some kudos for introducing some more excitement to the market. I particularly like the magic number which means I havent paid for any of the calls I made to my husband since we registered on Sunday. I had zero naira on my phone yesterday, and still called my husband and talked for N5mins. Nothing anybody says here can change my opinion. You guys should also try it out before complaining.

  12. MTN is a total reaping-off-subscriber company. If they were operating in developed countries they would make no headway. Even in South Africa, where Vodacom is doing their thing, MTN’s practice is more humane. I blame our Government whose hands are soiled with MTN Kickback; and the NCC who relax and watch MTN raping customers who they are supposed to service with good products.

    Imagine in my case, I went into a Goddamned MTN business plan (Post paid) some years ago without fully understanding the fineprints. I was then told that I could not reload my phone except with recharge card of NGN 1,500 denomination and above. I tried to revert to Prepaid and they threatened me with HELL FIRE; that if I should change, I would lose my line. What impertinence!

    Finally, after two years, they now accept changing to pre-paid. But the person at the counter tells me that it will take two whole months after the application!!

    MTN is the Devil itself. They have NO customer-centric policy. I am only waiting for that Number universality policy from the NCC and I will migrate my number to ANOTHER Network!

  13. I am talking more on MTN paygo.

    I happen to be lucky with MTN because I am enjoying the Magic number( just 250naira 24/7) and my parents and siblings fits perfectly into the Family and Friends(just 20k/s 24//7).

    For calls to other MTN lines, i am on Happy link bundle, and provided i use all my 30sms(which i do) my calls cost 18k/s 24/7.

    The qs you might want to ask me is, do I call other networks at all.
    Fortunately most of my contacts are MTN or preferable i always ask for people’s MTN line.

  14. any1 noticed d poor quality of service of mtn since d inception of this packages? Its been alarming!

  15. Migrate to talk on, load 400h and send happy to 131…you’re given 22mins..meanin ur calls r chargd at 18naira (400/22=18.18)…and since its talk on, from d second min calls are charged @9naira…wen u finish d 22mins…load 750 and send 501 to 131, you’re given 60mins again….cheap bt nt 4 d poor lol…d least u load is 400first & subsequently 750….

  16. We ve been there, we ve done that;

    Am done with all these calculations, for now Glo Infinito all the way.

    I only use my MTN for calling family and friends and receiving calls.

    Silly MTN has stylishly stopped Magic number.

  17. I guess mtn thinks their reduced revenue is due to magic number…but they are wrong..most ppl i know dont load their mtn often again…its just silly to do that when etisalat, glo and airtel gives almost double call time!

  18. For me MTN put a bullet to its foot by introducing and stopping the Magic number thing. For me I’ve got an etisalat for browsing and some class, the 100MB + 15MB, my glo on infinito for outgoing calls and sms and finally my MTN for incoming calls and family and friends

  19. Etisalat for Data (if only they can launch their 3G)
    Glo for calling
    MTN for receiving.

    lol, its a gr8 combination.

  20. Bosun you must be carrying phones around oo lol…mine is just etisalat for calls and data and mtn for receiving calls only!

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