Being productive with the limited time that we are given to achieve most tasks is what many of us wish for. Sadly, not many are

Do productivity apps aid your productivity?

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Being productive with the limited time that we are given to achieve most tasks is what many of us wish for. Sadly, not many are able to to utilize their time to it’s optimum level. Productivity apps range from Note taker apps to calender apps to different range of all in one apps that all promise to give a boost to your productiveness but there’s a catch – you have to use them.

It looks and sounds simple right?, let’s take Evernote for example. You download and install it, you play with it and maybe write a few notes and you close the application. Do you integrate it into your schedule and make active use of it or do you just let it lay with the unused apps on your device.

I for example use Any.Do as my productive tool. I give myself reminders, take notes and make lists with it. There is even a Google Chrome extension for it that lets me manage whatever i created on the Android version of the app. This is all well and good but the problem there is that it is grossly underused.

As a matter of fact i only remember to use it when a post idea pops into my head and i need to take it down quickly but apart from that; zero use – zilch, nada. I used to have a Google created app on my Android Phone called Schemer. With Schemer you can plan schemes that you are going to accomplish with social integration so that you can see what your friends are also up to, but sadly i never used the app to accomplish one thing.

If you make use of any productive app even as rudimentary as a memo, do you make use of it and if you do how is that going for you?


  1. Yes, productivity apps should aid productivity.

    But those apps will not necessarily suddenly make an unproductive individual suddenly productive.

    That trait must be present already before those apps will make reasonable impact

    I use my device to the best of the software available for it..
    money management
    note taking
    alarms and calendar
    word processing/ dictionary
    mathematical analyses / number crunching
    task automation
    brain_twisting games

    sure, I would be handicapped without those apps. like a man lacking eyeballs!

  2. I actually installed Evernote, then uninstalled it because I couldn’t find a reason to use it.

    Recently I’ve found a use for it and have been using it actively. I’ve also started using Pocket, which is interesting as I used to bookmark everything in my phone’s browser. Now all the things I want to read are in one place. I do find that these two apps tend to overlap on occasion.

    As a rule I try to avoid installing apps that I’m in all probability not going to use. Sometimes I will install two apps that do the same thing to see which I prefer.

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