How to do Twitter threads the easier way

Twitter threads are strings of tweets tied together in a sequence so other users can follow a narration. While it isn’t so difficult to do, it takes some level of concentration to not jumble it up. Twitter has just made it easy to create a thread.

Twitter devices

Twitter has added a plus button that shows up when you open the tweet composition box. The new plus button helps you with your twitter tailoring, so stitching a string of tweets together is much easier.

Stitching Twitter Threads

  1. Compose the first tweet the way you would compose any regular tweet.
  2. Tap the plus button to add the next tweet to your thread.
  3. Add as many tweets to your thread by using the plus button to add more tweets as many times as it suits your purpose.
  4. When ready to publish, hit the tweet button and your newly sewn thread is published!
  5. You can even add more tweets to a thread you already published by using another new button labelled, “Add another Tweet” button.

Easy pie; right? We love the new feature too. But that is not all.

Threads Up!

In addition, Twitter has also made it easier for you to spot and read a thread. When you come across a Twitter thread, you will see a label that says, “Show this thread”. Just tap it to open and read. You never have to wonder again.

Twitter says the new features will roll out to all users in the coming weeks. They will be available on iOS, Android, and web. Keep your Twitter app updated so you get to start enjoying the new threading features on your smartphone as soon as they are available.

May your Twitter tailoring career soar to new heights.

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