Do wifi-only tablets work in Nigeria?


Someone tweeted the following yesterday:

A wifi-only tablet won’t work in Nigeria. [Where do I get internet connection?]”

I thought that was an interesting, not to mention probably faulty, position, and also that Twitter was limiting. As such, I decided to bring the conversation here instead.

My first of the new generation tablet devices was the original iPad, and I ensured that I got the 3G version for reasons similar to what was expressed in the tweet above. However, in a short while, because of Apple’s silly limitation (no SMS and phone menus), it quickly became frustrating.

In addition, it meant that I had to have one data bundle on the iPad, and another for my laptop (and sometimes phone). I ended up with multiple spending.

After that experience, I have simply not bothered with 3G versions of tablets any longer. I came up with two alternative solutions:

I make sure that I have a mifi device and subscribe to a data plan at only this point, which I share with laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Problem solved.

Hotspot on Smartphone
Or I ensure that I always have an Android smartphone in my kitty, subscribe to a data bundle on that, and share with tablet and laptop. This is what currently works for me. I share a Glo high speed internet plan subscribed to on the HTC One X with my PlayBook and Acer AspireOne.

As far as my experience has taught me, the wifi-only tablet is a more streamlined and economical option if you have multiple devices. If you also work in an office with wifi access, then you also have access to wifi at work. I am self-employed and so carry my own hotspot with me everywhere I go.

But my experience may be an oddity. How about you, dear reader. If you have a tablet, is it wifi-only or 3G enabled? How do you use it?If you don’t have one and are looking to get one, which do you intend to get?

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