Do you know the meaning of ‘i’ in iOS and other Apple products?

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We’ve been hearing and using these terms over the years, iPod, iPad, iPhone, iOS etc. But have we ever cared to know what the letter ‘i’ means in these product names? Personally, I used to swear the ‘i’ meant ‘interactive’ till I felt the urge to find out things myself. Let’s me take us down the memory lane.


It was the year 1998, when Steve Jobs rehashed the Mac family of computers. They designed a new product, the first computer to ship with Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector, and the first to shockingly skip the 3.5-inch floppy drive. This new computer was translucent and came in different colors. Fact is, this was a computer like no other in the market, as at that time.


There was need to give it a peculiar name. Steve Jobs first coined the name MacMan. Later, advertising guru working with Apple named Ken Segall came up with the name ‘iMac’. After lots of arguments and convincing, the Apple team agreed to the new name.
The ‘i’ initially meant internet. But during the launch of the iMac, Steve Jobs said,

i also means some other things to us”.

Then he went ahead to show a slide that displayed the following words:

  • internet
  • individual
  • instruct
  • inform
  • inspire

Below is a video clip for the launch of the original iMac. That truly confirms what we have said.


  1. With Apple the show is worth a thousand words,now am not surprised at their showmanship at event launches,it’s in their DNA..

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